Onda To Release V975i Windows Upgrade

Important same-day update at end of post.

Onda has done a total about-face and will now offer the Windows upgrade for the V975i tablet too.

But they will also give users the option of swapping out their tablet if the upgrade process is seen as too onerous.

From two Weibo communiques issued today.

The first:



#昂达升级正版Win8.1系统# 【公告】#昂达V819i四核##昂达V975i四核# 机友必看:出于对用户的负责,昂达坚持并努力为用户提供正版Win8.1系统!而Win8.1升级繁琐,考虑到部分用户无法自行升级,昂达将正式提供升级换新机服务!当然,昂达也希望有动手能力的用户,可免费自行升级!【换新详情请放大下图】

Google Translate:

# # Onda upgrade genuine Win8.1 system [announcement] # # # Onda Onda V819i V975i quad-core quad-core # Friends of the machine must see: the user is responsible for Onda adhere to and strive to provide genuine Win8.1 system! The Win8.1 upgrade tedious, taking into account the part of the user can not be upgraded, Onda new machine will be officially upgraded service! Of course, Onda also want to have the practical ability of users to upgrade their own free! [Ones] Please enlarge the figure below

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

There’s the tablet exchange information. With a far different graphic than their original Weibo that said it was cancelled:


That’s now pinned to the top of their Weibo page.

The second:



#昂达升级Win8.1系统# 在升级换新的过程中昂达承担了很多的费用,昂达也希望有动手能力的用户,可以自行升级!V819i四核升级全驱动版本,升级教程及系统升级固件下载→http://t.cn/RvOwbWf(密码9foa);V975i四核的Win8.1升级BIOS正在进行最后的测试,将很快发布,敬请等待!

Google Translate:

# # Onda system upgrade Win8.1 new ones in the process of upgrading a lot of the cost borne Onda, Onda also want to have the practical ability of the user, can be upgraded! V819i quad-core upgrade the whole drive version, upgrade tutorials and system upgrade firmware download → http://t.cn/RvOwbWf (password 9foa); V975i quad-core Win8.1 upgrade the BIOS undergoing final testing, will be released soon, please wait!

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So there it is, the V975i Windows upgrade is now again official and will be released.

This has been a few WTF days for Onda. I don’t know what happened that made them change their mind. Was it outrage from domestic users? Onda, despite naysayers in China, is a popular brand and they pimped their V819i and V975i tablets and their Windows upgrade hard. People probably bought them based on that promise.

Anyway, the V819i upgrade is out. The one for the V975i is coming.

Same-day update: For those who questioned my ability to parse what the hell was going on with Onda despite my not knowing any Chinese and having to interpret garbled Google Translate, I am vindicated by IMP3Net today [Google Translate]. That article says everything I originally said: That Onda will swap out the V819i and V975i for a V819w and V975w model, free.

Google Translate:

About replacement upgrade services:

1, Onda will provide users with a brand new replacement tablet, including full packaging and accessories fully consistent with the new machine purchased from replacement warranty service is also time to start calculating;

2, users on the replacement of flat returns, Onda will arrange to break when used as accessories maintenance, housing and other parts of scrapped, consequential losses be borne entirely by Onda;

3, the user’s Win8 new replacement work, from the first beginning Onda Win8 tablet market, Onda will ensure priority supply to upgrade users, specific time to wait for notification, expected to be available in early July;

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

There is something in there about payments, but I think that might be Onda paying users something. Likely postage reimbursement.

I give Onda credit here for making it right for customers.

And the tablets:


So I guess July will see Onda introduce those tablets?

Now that this fiasco has come to an end, my final post about it should be when Onda announces the V975i Windows upgrade being available.

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9 responses to “Onda To Release V975i Windows Upgrade

  1. Fred

    I’ve managed to download the files, they’ve made some changes to this new update.
    Now it requires not only flashing a bios to go from android to windows, but while on WinPE you need to update the bios once again (maybe it was already the case but I couldn’t download the first windows files).

    Since I don’t see any license key anywhere I suspect this update add a oem signature to the bios so the windows is genuine.

    Good news is I don’t see any driver archive anywhere now, so I guess they are integrated to the windows files already so it’s ready to use once you boot into windows and 1 less step to do.

    • mikecane

      Does it work well? Still waiting for someone to post a successful YouTube video outside of China.

      • Fred

        I’ve just downloaded the files, I’m still waiting to receive my device… sorry.
        I may try to make a video, if I’m the first person outside china to succeed flashing the tablet.

  2. AnFallow

    Did anybody succeed? I was thinking of buying this tablet because of Windows, yet I see that I will probably not be able to install Windows 8 by myself and thus buying V975i would be just useless, unless given a guarantee that Onda would replace it for no additional charge and would pay the sender’s fee. So waiting for V975w is probably the best solution, or am I wrong somewhere?

  3. Zlatan

    I wonder if the V975w will be more expensive than the V975i.

    • mikecane

      We’ll know tomorrow.

      • Cody

        if kept at the same price, i think its a great deal! i would definitely prefer this over traditional ‘surface pro looking’ windows tablets like voyo winpad a1, cube iwork 10, and the like.
        4:3 aspect ratio, lighter, better screen, better cameras, and cheaper price.

      • mikecane

        I’d like to see reviews of it too.

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