Pipo Announces Windows Tablet, Rewrites Entire Market

Well, Pipo has gone and unexpectedly changed the entire eight-inch Windows tablet market!

Via a Weibo communique:


#品铂平板电脑# 799元Win8平板来啦[鼓掌]!!品铂即将推出8寸Win8平板W2,官方报价仅为799元[给力]!这款产品主打高性价比,搭载Intel Bay Trail-T四核处理器,拥有2GB DDR3内存,32GB存储,详情猛戳http://t.cn/RvWfoiS @耗子胖成猪 @云飞寻缘 @平板盒子网

Google Translate:

# Product # 799 yuan platinum Win8 tablet computer tablet coming [applause]! ! Commodities platinum upcoming Win8 tablet 8 inch W2, the official price of only 799 yuan [to power]! The main cost-effective products, equipped with Intel Bay Trail-T quad-core processor with 2GB DDR3 memory, 32GB storage, details Mengchuo http://t.cn/RvWfoiS @ @ Yunfei rat fat as a pig hunt flat edge @ box subnet

The specs: 1200 x 800 eight-inch IPS screen, unknown Intel Bay Trail-T Atom with a peak frequency of 1.8GHz, 2GBs of DDR3 RAM, 32GBs of internal storage, 2MP front and 5MP back cameras, dual rear speakers. Other specs yet unknown — but I’d expect it to match all of the other Chinese eight-inch tablets with WiFi, Bluetooth, microUSB port, HDMI-out, and dedicated charging port.

And the price? The price is what tears up the entire eight-inch Windows tablet market.

799 yuan — or about US$128!!

That’s the price of “1/16” tablets, such as the CUBE iWork8. It’s about half the price of competitor tablets such as the Ramos i8 Pro!

It’s also far less expensive that the Dell Venue 8 Pro and the Lenovo Miix 2!

Photos from the Pipo forum announcement [Google Translate]:






The back looks to be plastic.

It’s the cheapest freakin eight-inch Windows tablet that doesn’t require juggling app storage space like the “1/16” models.

As usual, it turns out Tech2.hu had the news before anyone else, getting a video of one model of it at Computex.

Screensnaps (all taken from the 720p video; click to enlarge):


The specs:


Notice the Z3740D CPU — and the 64GBs of storage!


But this is the model with the metal back:



All the ports, with dedicated charging and HDMI-out:


This is where the confusion begins; that says Z3735E CPU, not Z3740D:



The camera might be crap:


Funky keyboard portfolio with suction cups(!):



I wonder if this would also work with the CUBE iWork8:





Before we get to the video, a reminder that Charbax also showed a Pipo Windows tablet, one of which is called the W2. Look at this shot of the ports, it looks like the full complement, including DC charging port and HDMI-out:


Plastic back:



Model with metal back:


Now the Tech2.hu video:

And repeating the Charbax video:

If a “2/32” tablet is going to be 799 locally, will CUBE have to drop the price of their “1/16” tablet to compete? 699 locally? That’d be an incredible US$112 for a full Windows tablet!

How long can Dell and Lenovo stay in the eight-inch Windows tablet market before the Chinese take it away from them?

Are we going to reach a point this year where an eight-inch Windows tablet will be cheaper than most eight-inch Android tablets?

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6 responses to “Pipo Announces Windows Tablet, Rewrites Entire Market

  1. Nullspaceoddity

    The Z3735E looks identical specwise to the Z3740E, except it has half the max memory bandwidth and slightly slower GPU.

    Killer price! Looking forward to seeing how this plays out as far as competition goes.

  2. Loving the Windows tablet flood, but when is someone going to do something other than same old 1280×800 tablets? Still waiting for a 8 to 9 inch 3:2 tablet. Windows is just as free in that scenario, so why so little differentiation?

    • mikecane

      The similarity in the eight-inch Windows tablets is due to Intel providing most of — if not all — of the design. It’d have to be up to them to create something their customers haven’t themselves done yet, like 3:2.

      • Intel is being stupid then and leaving money on the table. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me. They’ve been doing that for years. It’s in their best interests to have a number of designs since all that’s different is the chassis. They aren’t fabricating the whole device anyway.

      • mikecane

        Intel is spending money like a coked-up politician in a whorehouse. This is hardly an exaggeration. They see Shenzen as their life preserver to get in and stay in the mobile game.

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