Say Goodbye To Best Buy!



That’s just how J&R began to die. Carrying low-end, bottom-feeding, piece-of-shit tablets that no one in their right mind would drop money on.

Oh, that white tablet in the first photo? It’s from HP! But does Best Buy carry the high-end Slate 8 Pro? Hell no! I bet HP wouldn’t give them that expensive inventory on credit!

This is a company gone within the next three years.


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11 responses to “Say Goodbye To Best Buy!

  1. Ric Day

    I have been saying “within two years” for about a year now and figure the collapse will come after their Xmas 2014 sales tank.

    Who actually buys stuff there? Amazon, Staples (#2 online retailer in the US), and others kill them on both price and selection. Up here, their sales staff are exceptionally dim, -and- spend way too much time trying to sell you something else because they get a better commission on the really crap gear.

    RIP freeze in hell, Best Buy.

    • mikecane

      Staples is absolutely crap here, with hardly any tablet selection.

      Amazon better roll out those damn Fondle Stations for tablets and phone!

      • Ric Day

        Agreed, the selection at Staples is not good, but they do seem to have a sense of what people will buy, and their people on the floor seem genuinely interested in trying to match your interests with a decent product. Best Buy is the opposite on both measures.

  2. Don’t underestimate the willingness of the average consumer to purchase cheap, low end gadgets. I am always amazed by the number of off brand, cheap tablets I see on the buses and trains.

  3. t3ch7

    I remember seeing all those low-end tablets one day and thought “oh wow what the hell” All of them were crap – mainly really shitty screens. The $99 HP is the best of the bunch! Well, at least I normally see customers hovering over or an employee trying to sell them a Samsung tablet.

    Another interesting thing. I tried to have a BB price match a Samsung microsd card against Amazon (it was literally one letter off). While the item was the same exact item, the model number was different and I was denied the price match on the technicality.

  4. jmurphy

    On Friday I picked up a Surface Pro 3 at my local Best Buy. Hardly low-end.

    • mikecane

      You should have looked past the Surface display.

      • jmurphy

        Great display, relatively light for a 12″ inch display. What’s not to like? BTW, regardless of what you think of the SPro 3, the point of your post was that Best Buy only sells cheap crap. I assure you, this wasn’t CHEAP. We can agree to disagree as to whether it is crap or not.

      • mikecane

        I meant you should have looked around BB, past their display for the Surface. It’s not pretty what they’re now selling. J&R started its death spiral the exact same way.

  5. Keishon

    Well, I still shop there but end up regretting it because their customer service is shit. The company doesn’t look near death to me with a huge Samsung display area that’s manned. Also there’s an Apple display, too selling Macbook Pro/Air and iPad tablets. They probably sell low end tablets, too, but I’ve never looked at them. That picture you display in your post looks like my area Staples store with no working demo. I went into Staples one time and wasn’t impressed.

    • mikecane

      The Samsung and Apple displays are paid for by those companies. J&R had high-end stuff like that too. Didn’t stop their death. Won’t stop Best Buy’s death either.

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