Tablet Maker Tomato Out Of Business


Their URL is no longer active.

They made a splash with an iPad Mini clone that had Samsung styling, the Tomato T2. It was the first Chinese tablet to use a Samsung Exynos CPU and had the highest AnTuTu score at the time.

But the tablet was also very expensive, over US$250. It got just one review in the Chinese tech press. And never gained traction among tablet buyers.

They were immortalized in a Charbax video:

It’s sad to see them go. I liked the styling of the T2 and their website had excellent design.

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4 responses to “Tablet Maker Tomato Out Of Business

  1. Ilya T.

    Can we start with the ‘catch up’ jokes, or is it too soon?

  2. anders

    Price was too high. Bezel too thick.

  3. edi

    Some weeks ago i removed about 20 bookmarks to tablet manufacturer sites. They were out of business. It hapened during one year – 2013.

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