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HP Slate 8 Pro Again At “Dump It” Pricing

At Walmart, for just US$187.49:


You must proceed to checkout just to see the price.

This is a price increase from an earlier deal that expired and had it for just US$150!

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Coming to BET: Gun Hill


This looks and sounds badass.

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New Video: Onda V819i Running Windows 8.1

Someone has better Youku video searching skills than me and cross-posted it to YouTube. This video is significant because it indicates someone has finally accomplished flashing the V819i to Windows 8.1.


The video is sideways, so be prepared to twist your head.

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R.I.P. Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis dies aged 67

From his book:

… I published a series of eight-page full-colour, folded posters (with headlines and articles printed on the back) and charged the same cover price as magazines with ten times that number of pages. The result was dubbed a ‘poster-magazine‘ and sold millions of copies around the world. Nobody had told me it couldn’t be done because nobody had done it before.

The creation of the poster-magazine was absolute freakin genius back then. A then-friend and I marveled at how no one had ever done it before — and how much money the guy doing it must be raking in.


Felix Dennis: “It’s really about sensing trends and having the arrogance to think, ‘I know I’m right.’ ”

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Chuwi Announces V99i iPad Air Clone


Intel 64-bit Bay Trail-T Z3735D CPU, 3G via Huawei UltraStick, other specs not yet released.

See IMP3Net [Google Translate].

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