New Video: Onda V819i Running Windows 8.1

Someone has better Youku video searching skills than me and cross-posted it to YouTube. This video is significant because it indicates someone has finally accomplished flashing the V819i to Windows 8.1.


The video is sideways, so be prepared to twist your head.

Some more screensnaps (they’re small because of the sideways orientation of the video):








And the video:

My opinion is that there’s no longer any reason to buy the Onda V819i since dual-boot Android/Windows has not happened and is probably unlikely to happen. (If it was really going to happen, it would have from the start is how I see it.)

The Onda V819i just another “1/16” tablet. And with the Pipo W2 being a “2/32” tablet for a lower price, why go through all the hassle of buying an Android tablet to turn it into one for Windows? Especially when you can get one with more RAM and internal storage for less money!

Also, if you’re an Onda fan, next month will bring the V819w (and V975w) with Windows 8.1 already installed.


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8 responses to “New Video: Onda V819i Running Windows 8.1

  1. yeahman45

    so this actually replaces android by windows? Not a dual boot solution?

  2. Cody

    hmm agree with you there mike. pipo has the better offer now. but the onda v975i/ teclast x98 is a better deal than windows tabs like cube iwork10 and such wouldnt you agree? i mean they basically have identical specs except those windows tabs have lower 720p resolution yet a higher price exceeding 1500 yuan!

  3. Miguel

    You said that Onda will release the v975w and v819w next month, in next month we could buy those tablets or this is the presentation date.


    • mikecane

      Onda has stated that the V819w and V975w will both be available in early July. They will likely be formally introduced at their June 30th event and go on sale shortly thereafter.

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