CUBE iWork8, A “1/16″ Tablet, Gets A Third Review


It’s at PC Online [Google Translate].

Recap: 1280 x 800 eight-inch IPS screen, 64-bit Intel Atom Bay Trail-T Z3735E CPU with a typical frequency of 1.3Ghz and an ideal peak frequency of 1.7GHz, 1GB of RAM, 16GBs of internal storage, 2MP front and back cameras (yep, 2 and 2), microSD card slot, microUSB (OTG) port, miniHDMI-out, WiFi, Bluetooth, headphone jack, microphone, a dedicated AC power port, and an 18Wh (about 4,865mAh) battery. It uses the new Windows 8.1 with Bing and is 32-bit.

They give high marks to the screen (despite a wee bit of light leakage), run a bunch of benchmarks, and generally like the tablet despite its cramped storage space (16GBs) and RAM (1GB).

What makes this review worth mentioning are the photo samples from the 2MP(!) rear camera:



Those aren’t as bad as I expected but they’re also not published full-size, so there’s that to consider too. Others at the review.

Keep in mind that the Pipo W2 offers double the RAM and storage space for the same price.

Previously here:

CUBE iWork8, A “1/16″ Tablet, Gets A Second Review
CUBE iWork8, A “1/16″ Tablet, Gets A Review


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2 responses to “CUBE iWork8, A “1/16″ Tablet, Gets A Third Review

  1. dey

    There’s a new win8 tablet Quantum View 10.1 which is very similar to iWork10. Do you think it’s a rebranding?

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