Ellie Kemper: Actress


Wikipedia: Ellie Kemper

Kemper gained some Internet fame in August 2007 for her part in “Blowjob Girl”, a humor video on the sketch comedy site Derrick Comedy. The video, which was circulated on the popular site CollegeHumor, was a two-minute close-up of Kemper offering to perform oral sex on her boyfriend, but startling him by promising to bite and smash his genitals, which she seems to believe is arousing. As of March 2014, the video has been viewed more than 19.81 million times on YouTube. Kemper said of the video in an April 2010 interview with The A.V. Club: “I really don’t like that video, and I wish that I hadn’t done it, even though I know that it’s a joke. I hate that it got sort of big, because I don’t think that it’s that funny and I don’t want that to be the epitome of my work. It’s just one video in a sea of many, but it has made me conscious of not wanting to do a video like that again.”

It’s too bad she has regrets about it. It’s one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen because she is so damned good in it.

In fact, it made me wonder if she ever went on to do professional acting and I asked about her on YouTube the other day and someone replied with her name — and hence this blog post. See, Ellie? People want more of you — and not in an X-rated way!

According to IMDB, she’s done many things. Unfortunately, none of which I’ve seen! I’ll be looking for her in future projects, though.

Since she regrets the video, I won’t embed it. But I will link to it because it’s so funny and she is just so damn good in it. If had been a casting director when I saw it, I would have hired her on the spot because of her acting talent.


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