Videos: Ramos i10Pro Android-Windows Dual Boot Tablet


Someone in Comments asked about this tablet. I don’t recall reviews in China but I wasn’t really paying attention to it so I might not have even noticed them.

I found two videos on YouTube that are very intriguing. See them after the break.

The first is English-language from a rather excitable fellow. Screensnaps from the 720p video; click any to enlarge.




It uses the Huawei UltraStick for 3G (later 4G):



As will be seen in the video, booting in Android takes a hellalong time:


AnTuTu 4.x score:


Some spec screens:




The 5MP back camera looks good — he provides sample stills and videos.

Frustratingly, he never boots into Windows!

His only complaint about the tablet is the plastic back, which he thinks feels cheap and not strong enough to prevent flexing.

Now the video:

The second video is in German but worth seeing because he does boot into Windows. Screensnaps first.

Good views of the Huawei UltraStick:



He has one with a yellow back, which is pretty neat:


His tablet shows the Play Store included, while the first video doesn’t:


It plays a full 4K sample video just fine:


Launching Asphalt 8 does something weird …



… but seems to run fine, although I’m no expert on games.

And now he does the Shazam! to boot into Windows:




It takes a hellaless time to boot into Windows:




Long press on the Windows button displays:


And storage/free space:


He really doesn’t do too much in Windows, however, so no judgment can be made on how accurate touch is.

Now the video:

I’d be very, very surprised if we ever saw another tablet like this. Both Google and Microsoft are against the idea, if rumors are to be believed. Ramos was probably able to get away with it by building it before either company knew what was happening. Android is supplied by Intel and is at 4.2. That’s the thing about Intel-based tablets: They won’t get Android updates until Intel supplies them. (Dell just announced two new Intel-based tablets that will have KitKat, so there’s hope.)

This is a very interesting tablet but I’m not sure if I’d buy it for myself.

Previously here:

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6 responses to “Videos: Ramos i10Pro Android-Windows Dual Boot Tablet

  1. highwind

    If they just had put this in the housing of the Onda V975i (4:3 aspect, retina resolution, thinner bezels)… would have been the perfect tablet for me!

    • One U.S site that carries the Ramos i10 Pro is — i ProTablet

      • Jean Carufo

        I bought a Ramos I10 Pro and loved it for 3 months until it quit showing the Android option at boot. Still works great booting windows. I’ve tried for weeks trying to get iProTablet to respond. They took my money, but don’t seem to care after that. I would STRONGLY suggest staying away from them. Their customer service SUCKS or is non-existent.
        Anyone know how to factory reset this tab? There is no reset button and when you boot with power and volume you get to a boot management screen, but I can’t seem to be able to choose an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
        Have a Great Day!

      • Have you tried to contact Ramos directly?

  2. Jean Carufo

    I did contact support on, but was told that they only support tabs purchased on ‘their’ site. It didn’t seem like it was the ‘factory’ site. It may sound crazy, but I don’t really know how to contact Ramos direct. I was told that a factory reset would resolve my problem, but with the tab booting into widows immediately I’m lost. I can get a boot management screen when i boot with the power and volume buttons depressed, but can’t figure out how to select an option once I highlight it. if you have any ideas or suggestions on where to turn, I’m open to anything.
    IProTablet is worthless, never responding to any emails. I would strongly recommend that everyone stay away from them.
    My situation is frustrating at best.
    Have a Great Day!

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