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Photos: Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone With Windows 8.1

Well of course I went and Googled Vietnam for more info. Who wouldn’t?

Got some lovely large pictures from here.

Click any for very large.


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Onda Officially Announces V819w

In a Weibo communique this evening:


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Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone With Windows 8.1

That is not a misprint or a trick.

And this is not Photoshop:


I don’t know about the rest of you, but all thoughts of the CUBE iWork8, Ramos i8Pro, and Pipo W2 just left the building! This is the “eight-inch” Windows tablet I would buy — because 4:3 screen! And Retina-class!

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Nvidia: Something Scores 49,000-Range With New AnTuTu 5

In a Weibo communique today:


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Pipo P1: First Review


It’s at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

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Teclast Makes AnTuTu Score Claim For P98 Air

Via a Weibo communique issued today:


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Chuwi V99i Specs Released

Chuwi has been pimping it hard on their Weibo and today the full specs were published as Chuwi-supplied press material at IMP3Net [Google Translate].


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Ramos Reviews Its Own Damn Tablet: The i10Pro

See this post and this post first.

IMP3Net again acknowledges in the byline that this is press material from Ramos and not a review they did [Google Translate].


But you know what? That shit isn’t good enough. How many people read bylines? They should have prefaced the Ramos copy with big bold letters specifying this was press material and not a review done by IMP3Net.

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Ramos Unboxes Its Own Damn Tablet: The i8Pro

As mentioned in the prior post.

Manufacturers are trying to save sites some time by doing a job for them. Such as unboxings.

Today Ramos issued press material that looks and reads like original content a site would publish, an unboxing of their own eight-inch Windows 8.1 tablet, the i8Pro.

IMP3Net acknowledges it’s PR [Google Translate], while PC Online does not [Google Translate].


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Reading Chinese Tech News Sites

Chinese tech sites are landmines ready to blow up in your face.

It’s only after months of reading them through the haze of Google Translate that the real picture becomes clearer (though never crystally clear).

After the break, what to look for if you want to DIY.

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