Pipo P1: First Review


It’s at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

What I’ve missed all this time is that it has dual front-facing speakers:


All is not yet happy with the tablet:

Fluency in support RK3288 processor under no Caton or feeling sluggish overall satisfactory. (Seven tasks) will be in the case of switching the background multitasking obvious Caton, did not achieve the desired effect, and touch response P1 currently some problems occur occasionally unresponsive touch case, which has yet to be optimized.

Some unresponsiveness to touch and stuttering with multitasking.

And let’s cut to the AnTuTu 4.x score:



Hmmmm… that is lower than expected and something odd is going on:

An Bunny – I often used to test the software, the machine running v4.5 version will flash back, but can operate normally after installing v3.15 version of the anti-cheating, then also tested the v2.7 version can be run properly, It seems that P1 is not compatible with the latest version. In fact, completely unable to run sub-proof performance, to some extent, but still can be a reference, at least you can understand what the product is on the level. The product runs into 34,858 points, which is flat inside I used to run up the highest points.

It’s not good that there are problems running AnTuTu. It calls into question whether there’s cheating (which Rockchip has never been accused of nor found doing) or just unfinished software from Pipo. We’ll have to see what other reviews and actual buyers say.

Let me just point out that he was negligent when running AnTuTu in this case. Enlarge the screensnap and in the upper left corner there’s the icon for the IQiyi video service (he mentions using the client in the review)! It looks like he didn’t shut down all background items before running AnTuTu and this could account for the lower score.

The back camera — even though it’s an impressive 8MP — is very disappointing in these sample images (click for very large):



In both instances green is very muddy; the kind of problem the back camera on the iFive Mini 3 series has. In the first photo, the lower left corner is particularly bad. Did he shoot it through a window? In the second photo, in the upper left is a tent in the background that has poor definition. The photos are good enough for the width of this blog’s column but it seems that anyone counting on doing a photoblog with a tablet should look elsewhere.

Unfortunately, no video sample was provided in the review. How bad is the microphone if the camera is like that?

He likes multiwindow Android …


… but reports zooming to full-screen can sometimes stutter (perhaps just with large games?).

Video plays well, the included “eBook reader” sucks (it’s just TXT files!), and there’s some surprisingly bad news with Asphalt 8 given the powerful GPU:

Asphalt 8 – Unlimited Gold Edition, S level is very fast but the direction is not well controlled, there is often a case of collision or crash the car, but it happens in real time to reflect the fluency of the product of the game. The default is on low-quality game, but can not choose a high-quality, a little disappointed. Mali T764’s support, the game runs smoothly, with high resolution large screen has a good sense of visual impact, experience good, satisfactory.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I wonder if this will happen with other Rockchip 3288-based tablets or if it’s specific to the P1 and Pipo needing to still tweak the software?

GPS is tested but those results are specific to China and shouldn’t be used as a guide for Europeans or Americans.

The bad news doesn’t stop, however:

The machine built 10000mAh battery is fully charged the highest brightness adjusted using the integrated test four hours twenty-two minutes fell to 14 percent battery life is not long. However, the actual terms of a more comprehensive test costs of electricity, coupled with this high score screen, can reach four and a half hours is pretty good.

Battery life sucks. And this is a 10,000mAh battery! This has been a concern since this latest generation of CPUs — 3288 and A80 — was first announced. People in forums questioned battery life. It seems their concerns were warranted.

And it runs hot:

Fever aspects are not too good, after playing the game for half an hour the temperature reached nearly 50 degrees, focused on the back of the upper right side in landscape situations, but also around nearly forty degrees, will feel some hot. Do not play games will always lit screen fever, although not reach so high but the actual test can reach forty degrees.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

China measures temperature in Celsius. So that’s 122 degrees Fahrenheit! I don’t want to bring up these two words, but I must: Fire hazard? Would this tablet ever be UL approved?

He tries to be optimistic in the end, but how can people forget all of the detriments they’ve just read in the review?

It’s going to be very interesting to read other reviews and buyer reports.

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19 responses to “Pipo P1: First Review

  1. Marcus

    Should mention that the GPU somehow scores worse than the Intel Z3735D.

    • mikecane

      His score is lower due to background processes not being closed — he clearly has a video client still open, for one.

      • Marcus

        That will not affect the GPU score. Maybe the CPU score.

      • mikecane

        AnTuTu can be weird. Often never the same score twice.

      • Marcus

        Yes. The scores are never the same but a difference of 1k or more in any of the particular aspects of the benchmark is not normal variation. Intel Z3735 scores 1k better in the 3D aspect. So yes. The difference is there.

      • mikecane

        Nope. Sorry. K’ve run tests on devices and have seen *very* wide variances. This is why it’s always best to make sure everything in the background is closed down. In fact, it’s best to reboot totally and then run it for a more exact score.

      • Marcus

        Erm. There’s an antutu option to “optimize memory” before running which closes other running apps. That’s why scores are normally consistent with some variation in an controlled enviroment. But there is no way that the GPU scores vary by alot.

        I’m not saying that the RK3288 sucks. I’m saying it’s GPU seem to suck. Rk3066 GPU was great. RK3188 GPU was lack lustre. RK3288 GPU is supposed to be great on paper but this Antutu GPU score seems to suggest otherwise.

    • I have tested a Pipo P1 tablet for the past week and did not have any issue with the tablet becoming warm or hot.

      I tested battery life several times and averaged about 6 1/2 hours of active use (combination of web browsing, book reading, watching videos and Netflix films)

      The screen quality is impressive and overall performance is excellent with no lag.

      Use of a variety of recently released 3D intense Games proved to be excellent.

      The speaker quality with front facing speakers is also a big plus as most tablets still have either side or back facing speakers and does make for better sound quality

      Overall, a nice deal that’s $100-$200 less than comparable models from Nexus, Samsung and Apple.

  2. John T

    Mike, what should I buy? 9X scores are fraudulent and P1 overheats (which is horrible, because I wanted to let a 3 and 7 year old play with it). Should I wait a couple of months for the T97 and Onda A80 reviews to start coming in?

    • mikecane

      There’s not enough information on anything yet to make decision — and not all the new tablets have been announced and released yet.

    • Marcus

      Simple. Wait for the T97 and A80 to start coming in first.

      Currently the RK3288 doesn’t seem that impressive so far. CPU should no longer be a considering factor since they are all pretty darn good. The GPU on the other hand is a major factor. RK3288 is SUPPOSED to have an awesome GPU but early reviewer’s release of the Antutu GPU score makes it weak. This means that currently Intel Z3735 has the highest Antutu GPU score.

      The A80 chip is promising but then again so was the A31. Just wait for the Teclast T97 and Onda A80 to get some reviews first before making a decision. IF the A80 is as good as it was said to be, consider getting them. If not, your best bet would be the Intel Z3735D

  3. Plumplum

    Strange thinks with rk3288
    Better fps on-screen in 2048×1536 than off-screen in 1920×1080!

    • mikecane

      I’m wondering if Rockchip has fully optimized the software yet. This kind of thing happened with the original 3188 tablets too. Rockchip was good in pushing out updates.

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  6. Is there a reason behind the 9x scores supposedly being fradulant? Is it the tab itself, or the abilities inherent with Antutu?
    I have seen some posts showing fairly high scores on the 9x; plus comments on how well the tab performs.
    So, bottom line …even if the scores are off for one reason or another, the 9x still looks to be a superior tab from China. For them to put a 9.7″ retina in a case the same size as my Pipo M8 Pro is a winner, in my book!

  7. Zoe

    Hi, what i want to know is whether the battery of this PIPO P1 Tablet is removable or not. tks.

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