Reading Chinese Tech News Sites

Chinese tech sites are landmines ready to blow up in your face.

It’s only after months of reading them through the haze of Google Translate that the real picture becomes clearer (though never crystally clear).

After the break, what to look for if you want to DIY.

Today, two items appeared at two different sites. But the items were the same. So WTF?

Click on this composite of two snippets and see if you can discern the important difference between the two:


The same words, the same photos — throughout both pieces.

What’s going on here? How can two sites have the same content?

Here’s the answer (click to enlarge):


Only IMP3Net is telling the truth: This isn’t original content. It’s from Ramos (which Google Translate renders as “Blue Devils” — another mini-landmine!), the manufacturer!

Yet PC Online credits it as their own original content!

This is why anyone who reads just one Chinese tech site for news is a fool.

I read as many as I can (discovering them is not easy, either). It’s only when you have a lot of them to compare against one another that the truth can slip out.

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