Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone With Windows 8.1

That is not a misprint or a trick.

And this is not Photoshop:


I don’t know about the rest of you, but all thoughts of the CUBE iWork8, Ramos i8Pro, and Pipo W2 just left the building! This is the “eight-inch” Windows tablet I would buy — because 4:3 screen! And Retina-class!

I found out about this tablet from Tablet News: Vietnamese Tablet Brand ROSA Spawns 8 inch and 10 inch Tablets With Windows 8.1 High Resolution; Price Starts Below $200.

That started me on a hunt for the company behind it. I failed there. All I found was one story reprinted all over the place (not worth linking to here). And then this from a Vietnamese tech site [Google Translate].

Notice that while Tablet News claims it’s a “2/32” tablet, the Vietnam site claims it’s just “1/16.”

Which is correct?

It doesn’t matter. You’re not going to buy the Vietnam version anyway (unless, you know, you’re in that country or nearby).

The source of this tablet is Teclast.

So we can take this as an advance leak of a Teclast tablet that’s yet to be announced.

Why do I say that?

Because of this:


That’s from back in March: Teclast Announces New Retina Tablets.

Teclast has been the only company to announce such a tablet. I’ve gone through all of my posts to verify that. No one else has a Retina-class 7.9-inch 4:3 screen with an Intel CPU.

Also, it shares the design language of their past P89 Mini:


Just look at the boxy sides of that Vietnam tablet:


That’s pure Teclast design. Every other iPad Mini clone maker goes for rounded and sloped sides. Plus, the tablet has the dual rear bottom speaker grilles Teclast does:


And finally, the 9.7-inch Vietnam tablet is in Tyrant Gold! Only Teclast is sticking with Tyrant Gold color.

So, I think within a few weeks, we’ll have Teclast doing what Onda will do in less than three days …


… announce a Windows version of their X98 3G and a new iPad Mini clone with Windows:


Even though I’ve been intrigued by the eight-inch Windows tablets, a 4:3 iPad Mini clone with Windows 8.1 is actually exciting. I could get a great Google Books PDF reading experience with that (see video here).

Now, some pretty poor YouTube videos with various views of the two tablets:

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