Teclast Makes AnTuTu Score Claim For P98 Air

Via a Weibo communique issued today:



跑分近50000分!#台电P98 Air八核#即将上市! 其采用全球首款A15架构真八核处理器全志A80T,28nm工艺big.LITTLE架构A15×4 A7×4八核设计,区别以往异构八核,八核处理器可以同时运行,安兔兔跑分近50000分,秒杀一切四核、八核!@全志科技

Google Translate:

Run of nearly 50,000 points! # # Taipower P98 Air upcoming eight-core! A15 architecture which uses the world’s first eight-core processor really full blog A80T, 28nm process big.LITTLE architecture A15 × 4 A7 × 4 eight-core design, the difference in the past eight nuclear isomers, eight-core processor can run simultaneously, Ann Bunny run of nearly 50,000 points, spike all quad-core, eight-core! @ Full-Technology


In a mixture of original reporting and press material, IMP3Net gave some other information about the tablet yesterday [Google Translate].

Since the only time we’ve seen the octa-core Allwinner A80 reach 40,000-range in AnTuTu it was connected to a honking huge heatsink and fan, its true AnTuTu score remains to be seen.

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7 responses to “Teclast Makes AnTuTu Score Claim For P98 Air

  1. Marcus

    I’m guessing not. The a31 was supposed to be the chip of the year last year. That was before it was released.

    More like 30000 I guess when it comes out in tablets. Still pretty decent though.

    • mikecane

      The A31 sold very well but it scored in the 12,000-range despite Onda and Ramos claiming 20,000.

      • Marcus

        I agree. Allwinner chips tend to sell rather well.

        BUT… the A31 was not what it was promised to be. Its likely that the A80 might turn out to be the same.

      • mikecane

        Not too much longer to wait. Onda announces their A80 on Monday and we’ll see if any tech sites get their hands on it.

      • Marcus

        Yeah. I’m wishing that A80 does actually get a 50k antutu or even a 40k score. The 3D score would have to be at least 9k hopefully. 7k for retina display is decent but it could be better. Anomaly 2 still lags a bit with 7k score but still playable.

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  3. Daniel

    My New Onda V989 pulls 65000 on Antutu 5

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