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Orphan Black: Season 2, Episode 10, Series Finale(?)


And so it all ends.

All the spoilers after the break.

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The Small Tablet Market Is Doomed?

This is very odd.

Two opinion pieces appearing at PadNews on the same day that seem to reinforce one another.

The first argues that the smartphone is taking the place of small tablets, so small tablets are unprofitable and manufacturers are moving to large — ten-inch and above — tablets [Google Translate]:

Industry insiders believe that, over the past 7-inch tablet is mainstream, but for telecom operators and hardware vendors, selling 7-inch tablet to make money. Now consumers prefer large-size screen, plus telecommunications companies began to subsidize eight inches above models, the estimated replacement tidal wave of tablet, will stimulate demand for large-size flat growth. Moreover, now the mainstream 7-inch tablet is price competition, which also caused manufacturers profitability plummeted, so manufacturers have started digging flat added value and location of large-size flat, hard price competition in the Red Sea off the market.

The report opens by using the World Cup as an example of this shift, with a large number of people reporting they used a smartphone to watch it — or keep up with it — instead of a tablet. They claim the smartphone is the real “second screen” (the first being a TV), not a tablet.

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Death Match: Xiaomi MiPad Vs. iPad Mini 2

INPAI has done a thirty-nine part comparison of the Xiaomi MiPad to the iPad Mini 2.

The version broken into parts begins here [Google Translate]. The version on a single page is here [Google Translate].

I scanned it. I really don’t need such a comparison because the OSes are so different. Apple is able to tie iOS to hardware in a way no company using Android can.

What I found significant was this:


At the pixel level, the Xiaomi MiPad screen is not the same hardware as the screen of the iPad Mini 2. INPAI says the MiPad screen is the one generally found in all Retina-class IPS tablets and phones in China.

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