More About Flashing The Teclast X98 3G To Windows 8.1

cngadget has instructions in English.

But I also found a forum thread at ZOL that has lots of images that might also be helpful [Google Translate].


What’s also interesting is that I found a Youku video following the above process. I’ve ripped it and cross-posted it to YouTube.

See it after the break.

This really helps to demystify much of the process. Note that there are two cuts. One due to confusion. One to save time. But it looks to me as if the entire process is documented.

With the new Onda V975w — with Windows already on it — available for sale soon, there’s no reason for anyone to buy a Teclast X98 3G to go through this. The guts of both machines are virtually identical. Besides, Teclast is likely to introduce a Windows-only model of the X98 3G (although it might not have the 3G part).

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6 responses to “More About Flashing The Teclast X98 3G To Windows 8.1

  1. catalyst

    Thanks for the useful video, but do you have any new info about Android KitKat/4.4 update for the X98 3G?

  2. Znawca

    Mike, do You know when will avaliable Teclast X98 3G with working 3G and Windows 8.1 preinstalled like Onda?

  3. hussien

    Please need help i press factory reset in my new Teclast x98 and every thing come in Chinese language in android system i tern to English easy but when i switch to windows 8.1 the device ask for admin open box to put i think password but i don’t know what to do and what i have to rights in the box to complete please any one knows can help me what to do

  4. please my teclast x98 air is giving me problems……………….ive used it for just a month but suddenly the power has started displaying……the power goes and and off constantly and i’m unable to do anythig with it…please help me

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