Onda’s New A80, Windows, And 4G Tablets

None of the Chinese tech press chose to carry the Onda announcement in the same-day news cycle. All of them will probably run their accounts tomorrow. This means there’s hardly any useful information today.

cngadget has a post about the new 4G Onda V819: Onda V819 4G “World’s cheapest 4G tablet” announced. This is the important info for people outside of China:

The supported 4G bands have not been revealed yet, but being advertised as a TD-LTE model it may not be compatible with US carriers but could be working in some EU countries.

Over at Tabletorium, Edward Weinert has managed to register at Weibo and has several of the large images from Onda available through that service [Google Translate]. I’ve cloned some of these below.

I’d just like to briefly point out four things.

The V975w is the first 4:3 9.7-inch Retina-class Windows tablet. I’m eager to see reviews of it:


Onda is making a very big claim for AnTuTu and the GPU:


Let’s see if reviews and user reports confirm any of that. Onda has cheated at AnTuTu before, claiming the Allwinner A31s scores in the 20,000-range when it’s actually the 12,000-range.

And look:


It seems Onda has a new UI for Android.

None of these tablets are yet listed at Onda’s website (the V819i splash goes to a Taobao listing).

Missing in their lineup is the A80-based iPad Mini clone:


I wonder why. Battery issue? Let’s see if any other company announces one.

Tomorrow should bring the full reports with full specs, prices (which are ambiguous right now due to additional in-graphic Chinese text that can’t be translated), availability, perhaps some hands-on first impressions, and video (nothing is on Youku so far).

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4 responses to “Onda’s New A80, Windows, And 4G Tablets

  1. Marcus

    If the 3DMark scores are accurate, this GPU is only slightly better than the Intel Z3735D. I guess I’ll wait for a Xiaomi MiPad.

  2. Cody

    thanks mike! waiting for the complete details soon..

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