Pipo P1: Unrealistic Eight Hours Of Video

Pipo makes a claim for eight hours of video playback with its P1 tablet using unrealistic settings [Google Translate]:

WiFi is turned on, play online video, “Detective Conan” (SD), Shuffle
Volume is set to 30%, with headphones
Adjust the screen brightness to 20%


Errrrrmmmm… standard def online video, headphones, and one-fifth brightness? Seriously, Pipo?

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6 responses to “Pipo P1: Unrealistic Eight Hours Of Video

  1. Marcus

    Yeap. 20-25% brightness looping a (most probably) 480p video and 8 hours battery life? That’s with a 10000mah battery?

    Geez. My V975i with a 7600-7800mah battery can loop a 720p video at 50% brightness for 8 hours!

    • Marcus

      To follow up on my previous post, it’s a SOC issue. Wonder if it can be fixed with future updates. I know the A31 never had its battery drain issue fixed.

    • mikecane

      Yes. This is very, very troubling. I hope it’s due to very sloppy software from Rockchip (the platform supplier) and that it’ll soon be fixed. Otherwise, 3288 is a dud.

      • Marcus

        Very disappointing indeed. The Rk3188 was just shy of a dud. Now the 3288? Seems like the only time rockchip was good was when it released its 3066.

  2. adi s

    hi mike cane, i’m from indonesia, nice to found your blogspot, really good got a lot of info here
    i want to ask about this pipo p1, are this pipo p1 retina screen is good? is the colour warmer (rather yellowish) or rather like cold (blue)?

    • mikecane

      I don’t know. I haven’t seen that mentioned. If you click through to the reviews, all of them praise the screen but don’t mention warm/cold aspect.

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