Revealed: Xiaomi MiPad Has Higher Score With AnTuTu 5

Via a Weibo communique:



@小米平板 满电性能模式下跑了把娱乐兔,如果是1080P的话,应该有5万分的可能,@英伟达NVIDIA中国 K1图形能力这么牛X你造吗[偷笑]! PS:鉴于是测试版的@安兔兔 V5,还不完善,实际跑分还得看正式版发布,求虐求嗨皮


@ Millet flat under full power performance mode ran the entertainment rabbit, 1080P if it is, it should have 50,000 points of possible Chinese K1 @ NVIDIA NVIDIA graphics capabilities so cattle X you make it [laughing]! PS: Given a beta version of @ Ann Bunny V5, not perfect, will have to see the actual running of the official release, seeking child seeking Hi skin



I’m not surprised.

Now we’re going to have to recalibrate all AnTuTu comparisons when 5.0 is released.

Previously here:

Nvidia: Something Scores 49,000-Range With New AnTuTu 5



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4 responses to “Revealed: Xiaomi MiPad Has Higher Score With AnTuTu 5

  1. Marcus

    Now this is awesome. CPU is never the bottle neck in recent new chips. GPU is. 15K score for GPU? Wow. Just WOW. Even the snapdragon 801 has a 3D score of 10K with 30% less pixels to push too

  2. It could be Tegra cheating at benchmarks for all we know. It’s not like they’re strangers to rigging benchmarks:

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