50,000 Xiaomi MiPad Sold In Less Than Four Minutes

Via a Weibo communique:




Google Translate:

50,000 units have been sold # # millet flat in 3 minutes and 59 seconds! Successful friends can now purchase payment, please order within two hours, payment orders within two hours after. July 8 open Tuesday to buy the next round! Welcome forwarded known: http://t.cn/zRJ5Spw


I wish I was one of those fifty thousand!

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15 responses to “50,000 Xiaomi MiPad Sold In Less Than Four Minutes

  1. highwind

    If they just put up a batch of 50 instead of 50000 they had sold out in seconds!!!!!!oneeleven

    pathetic company…

    • mikecane

      Why do you say “pathetic company”? They’re more successful than the brand names I cover here such as Chuwi, Onda, Ramos, etc.

  2. highwind

    Because overhyping new products for weeks and month and then not being able to to produce quantities to feed just 1% of the created demand is just that: “pathetic”

    Its the same as with this “Oneplus One” phone which you might have heard about.

    • mikecane

      Yes, I see your point. But I still wouldn’t use the word “pathetic.”

    • Marcus

      Are you sure you aren’t calling xiaomi pathetic because you aren’t able to get one unit? Dat hate.

      • highwind

        Definitely I am sure, because the last thing I would want is one of those overhyped hipster plastic tablets in shiny kids-toys colors and wannabe iOS knockoff.

      • mikecane

        That’s a matter of taste, not quality. It’s the best damn Android tablet that’s available. Who else is offering K1 CPU and the option of 64GBs internally with 128GB microSD card support?

      • highwind

        With “available” you mean “up for advertisment without any realistic chance to get one”, right?

        And how do you know that it is “the best”? You dont have even seen one, let alone beeing able to use it…
        Is it “the best” because some fanboys praise it like god (for the sole reason it reads “Xiaomi” on it…)?
        Or because some Antutu scores show high numbers (which are by the way beaten by any Allwinner A80 tablet)?

      • mikecane

        Stop. We don’t know that the Allwinner A80 AnTuTu scores aren’t fraudulent yet. We also don’t know battery life. (I suspect a 7.9-inch RK3288 will have poor battery life; so will the A80 too?)

        And the MiPad is the best 4:3 7.9-inch tablet out there. More RAM, up to 64GBs storage, up to 128GB microSD card, the best camera, and Foxconn manufacturing. So yes, until something else comes along to beat it, it’s the best 4:3 7.9-inch out there for Android. There’s no argument on this point.

      • highwind

        We dont know all that of the Xiaomi Pad either… all we know are some “reviews” (aka advertisments) of some “tech sites” who got some “press samples”… which -hands down- isnt more or less reliable than what other producers claim.

        The Mipad isnt the best “no-matter-what” for the sole fact that you cannot obtain one (and, believe me, this wont change for month to come)…
        It is also lacking any form of mobile communication (making the whole storage-thing quite redundant because you can easily access wireless storage space as long as you are in wifi-range) and it is made of plastic which is everything but “premium”.
        Best camera? On a tablet? O_o
        Mate, get serious! Thats like saying “Opel Manta is the best car because it has a foxtail on its antenna”…

        But well, seems like Xiaomi virus already got you…
        the quality of postings on the last days (literally every second one beeing some kind of trivial Xiaomi stuff like “Xiaomi CEO visits the toilet six times on monday!!!!”…) already went down, which is a shame as this site was really iworth reading before there was Xiaomi hyping all over the place.

      • mikecane

        Your fucking solution is very simple: DON’T READ. Who the hell is FORCING you? Check the name of this joint: MIKE CANE’S. Not YOURS.

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