Onda Announcement Is Covered By Copy And Paste “Journalism”


OK, now I’m just disgusted.

After waiting until the next day to get Chinese tech site coverage of the Onda press conference yesterday, what appeared under the guise of “reporting” is nothing more than copy and paste “journalism.”

It seems that no one other than ifanr sent someone to cover Onda in person.

All of the reports have practically the same photos and same text.

You think I’m kidding? Below are all of the report links. I want you to read all of them. See how many use the same damn phrase in regard to the Onda V989: “other rich features.”

That’s no damn coincidence!

1Pad [Google Translate]

IMP3Net [Google Translate]

PadHz [Google Translate]

PCPop [Google Translate]

PadNews [Google Translate] and [Google Translate]

eReadCN [Google Translate]

iFanr [Google Translate]

The only photos I’m using are from ifanr. They’re original. Not the same ones all of the others used.



At least now I know that yesterday’s price of 699 for the V819w was the beta test price; normally it will be 799 — in line with the CUBE iWork8. And: My usual reminder that the Pipo W2 will have 2GBs of RAM and 32GBs of storage for 799 — if Pipo is to be believed.

And I’m right to be pissed. When the original iPad Mini clone from Onda was announced — the V818 — coverage included many different photos and some hands-on reports on the spot. The coverage of yesterday’s event is just miserable. All of these are significant tablets that deserved better coverage.

Previously here:

Onda’s New A80, Windows, And 4G Tablets


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2 responses to “Onda Announcement Is Covered By Copy And Paste “Journalism”

  1. Edisson

    and the Ondav975i if windows8.1 be available? You have not heard anything about that? Thanks in advance

    • mikecane

      Do you mean the upgrade? Onda has not yet said anything about it other than to swap out the V975i for a V975w. Last word was that they were testing the BIOS for the V975i.

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