Onda V975w Tmall Price Increase

Same-day update: Apparently there is another Tmall listing where the price is still 1,099 yuan! So which is the correct listing and price? I have no idea. Dealing with China from a distance is frustrating. Thanks to Miguel in Comments for this other link. [Next-day update: That link now shows 1599. See also More About Onda V975w Price At Tmall]

Thanks to reznap in Comments for the tip.

The Onda V975w price has gone up by 300 yuan at Tmall.





Due to the ambiguity of using Google Translate — and the failure of Chinese tech sites to cover the Onda press conference on the same day — we don’t know if yesterday’s price was an error, a special one-day pre-sale price, or what.

1499 yuan is about US$242. The same price as the Xiaomi MiPad.

A price increase is always disappointing. On the other hand, Onda has a monopoly on this kind of tablet until Teclast does a Windows-only version of the X98 3G. Wait a month and the price will probably drop.

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4 responses to “Onda V975w Tmall Price Increase

  1. Znawca

    i see 1599…

  2. Marcus

    Just checked too 1599rmb. I think they updated the price.

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