More About Onda V975w Price At Tmall

We’ve had two different prices so far.





And now today, Wednesday, brings a third:


1599 yuan is about US$257.

Who to believe?

I still don’t know. But scrolling down in the Tmall listing with the highest price displays this:


And clicking on that goes to a listing for it at 1199.

This would be clear if we knew how to read Chinese… maybe.

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4 responses to “More About Onda V975w Price At Tmall

  1. znawca

    3g and camera works well on preinstaled Windows 8.1 on Teclast x98??

    • mikecane

      No. Not yet.

      EDIT to add: I replied too fast. One the *upgrade* they don’t yet work fully. We have no idea of the “X98w” — but since the Onda V975w is just about the same hardware (but no 3G) … wait for reviews.

  2. Cody

    maybe its different sellers sellng at different prices… perhaps they can provide it earlier than official release? beats me

  3. Marcus

    1199 is preorder price.

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