VOYO WinPad A1 Mini Is A “2/32” Tablet For US$163


People have asked me about this tablet.

But it’s gotten zero coverage at Chinese tech sites, so I heard about it only when people asked.

Voyo’s first tablet wasn’t well received by buyers, so perhaps tech sites don’t want to cover this brand.

Anyway, it’s listed for sale at the English-language Jingdong site for US$163.59 (although currently out of stock).

Voyo offers complete information in English here.


It looks like the Pipo W2; the same design and ports.

It’s unclear if the back is white or gray. Jingdong shows it with a dark back.

With 2GBs of RAM and 32GBs of internal storage, it’s a better value than the CUBE iWork8 and the Onda V819w, which are both 1/16 tablets.

YouTube had these videos, the first of which is upside-down:

I found one video on Youku, which I’ve cross-posted to YouTube; it has no sound. At post time, YouTube was taking an extraordinary amount of time to process it and won’t give me an embed link. When it’s available, I’ll add it below. That video refused to process. I’ve embedded from Youku directly:

This post shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement or recommendation to buy. Given the reputation Voyo created with their first tablet, I wouldn’t feel good buying this.

But if anyone does, leave a Comment about your experience.

Previously here:

Voyo A18: The First Retina-Class Android Tablet Worth Buying?


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4 responses to “VOYO WinPad A1 Mini Is A “2/32” Tablet For US$163

  1. Cody

    thanks for shedding light on this tablet! i’ve read a few comments on it by a user of this tablet in the comments section here: http://cngadget.info/2014/06/25/cube-iwork-8-review/

  2. Ordered the Voyo Winpad A1 Mini from Pandawill a few days ago. I’ll do a review on it when it arrives.

    • mikecane

      How much did it cost you? I’m seeing one place marking it up for over US$200!

      • I purchased this from espow.com (Rs11500 approx $200). they sent me the chinese language version and since it was Single Language edition of windows I was unable to change to English without an upgrade to Windows 8 professional which costs 2/3rd the price of tablet alone in India

        all OS and browser(IE) messages options and menus are in Chinese

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