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Teclast P90HD Can’t Handle 64GB And Larger SD Cards

Next-day update: Original post title: Rockchip 3288 Can’t Handle 64GB And Larger SD Cards. The IMP3Net post was updated. It turns out this limitation applies to the Teclast P90HD. There’s no such limitation with the Pipo P1. Also see Comments for this post that provide additional information about the card formatting issue.

Someone at the IMP3Net forum has been monitoring a Taiwan forum where it’s been discovered the Rockchip 3288 can’t handle large SD cards [Google Translate]:

I have been paying close attention to the new program supports RK SDXC memory card format. Noting that night, Taiwan’s largest 3C forum has been home to start 3288 with a home feedback first, does not support 64GB TF card, the second is the video hardware solutions have color, looks like this is the era of 3188, there’s a problem.

This time last year the forum has discussed RK3188 seniors does not support 64GB cards and exFAT formatted posts. It seems Rockchip company for commercial reasons, the new SOC this year in this regard is still maintained intact.

Support 64GB capacity card, it means support for SDXC format. The TF is currently 32GB SDHC (high capacity), each chip makers are supported. The 64GB and 128GB SDXC card is the new norm. Because a variety of reasons for it, now it seems there is no support for RK.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Anyone who thought they could pop a high-capacity microSD card into a Rockchip 3288-based tablet Teclast P90HD had better reconsider. Rockchip hasn’t changed card access limits in the transition from the 3188 to the 3288.

I must admit I never wondered about this.


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Onda’s Toilet-Time Marketing

From a Weibo communique that isn’t exactly sensible in machine translation:


I can’t imagine Apple, Google, Amazon, Asus, Acer … or most other companies doing that.


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Hugo Blick Is Back

He did one of the best-ever TV mini-series, The Shadow Line.


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See Ya In September, Dow


September 15, 2008
September 16, 2008

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China Rising

I want to put this here for the future. To rub in the face of all the people who give me shit for paying attention to China.

Google Translate title and link: Historic breakthrough! Qualcomm Snapdragon processor will be referred to SMIC foundry

July 3, 2014, together with SMIC Qualcomm announced that they will work closely with the 28-nanometer process technology and wafer fabrication services, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor manufactured in China, for the whole of China’s semiconductor industry, which is a historic moment.

China is ground zero for the battle to determine CPU supremacy. Rockchip, Allwinner, MediaTek, and others are engaged in all-out war to win as the dominant CPU in mobile devices (which includes set-top boxes).

Even Intel has realized that China can determine whether or not they will stay in business, by seeking as many partners as possible in Shenzhen.

It’s way too early to see how this will play out. One misstep by any of them could mean instant irrelevance. Plus, none of them know what Americans are up to in their own labs (Apple does its own CPUs now and HP — that pathetic wreck of a once-great company — is betting on The Machine with memristors). And then there’s Nvidia, which needs to stay in the game because Xiaomi has anointed them in mobile with the MiPad.

In the short-term, we users will benefit as CPUs become more power-stingy, more powerful, and devices from Chinese companies get better with lower prices.


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I Don’t Play Games, But WTF


If 1Pad is to believed, just the description of this game is absolutely guaranteed fun mayhem [Google Translate]:

“Blood Bowl” is basically to play football with the role Warhammer game, players can choose players in humans, orcs, dwarves, magic mouse purgatory, elves, Chaos Legion and other six races, all twelve games per team.

Human and orcs and dwarves and elves?!1? As a team? LMAO!

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Onda V975i Gets A Third Review


And the review is of an engineering sample so is probably worthless when it comes to battery life. It’s at ZOL [Google Translate].

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Colorfly Releases DOA Tablet

What are they even thinking?

The Colorfly E976 HD has a 9.7-inch Retina-class screen with a 1GHz Allwinner A31 CPU with 1GB of RAM and 16GBs of internal storage [Google Translate].

I couldn’t believe the report, so I went to Colorful’s own site to confirm it. And yes, it’s for real.

This isn’t even worth more typing time or a graphic. Next!


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Xiaomi, Say What?


Uncle Sam used to shill a Xiaomi contest [Google Translate].

I’m wondering if the young Chinese seeing that even know it’s Uncle Sam. Or just some old guy in a costume…

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Pipo Announces Rockchip 3288 P9

Announced via a Weibo communique.


Rockchip 3288 CPU, 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 screen, 2MP front and 8MP back camera. No other specs released. See the announcement at the Pipo forum [Google Translate].

Unless I see any surprises in reviews, I won’t be covering this tablet further.


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