Pipo P1: Second Review


It’s at PC Online [Google Translate].

Let’s jump to some of the benchmarks.

AnTuTu 4.x:



Master Lu (one of two):


Google Services are included:


The reviewer claims both cameras are good but the samples (just two reprinted here) aren’t published full size:



Like the first review by IMP3Net, this one reports a problem with Asphalt 8 too:

Unfortunately, only the highest P1 opened lower effects, can not get the highest quality gaming experience, you can set special effect, it runs very smooth, full Caton, almost full frame, the picture is very delicate.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

A full battery rundown test isn’t done and his extrapolations for projected battery life are laughable.

As a review to use as buying fodder, it’s inadequate.

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4 responses to “Pipo P1: Second Review

  1. D.gooden

    I was thinking about buying the pipo p1 3g tablet but now i don´t know what tablet to buy. Among this tablets with gps, which one would you buy? : pipo p1 3g, cube talk 9x 3g u65gt, voyo a18 3g or galaz a1. I don´t want to buy onda 975i (no gps) or teclast x98 (battery failures)

    Thank you

  2. D.gooden

    Ok. Thanks anyway

  3. Charcoal

    It’s pretty obvious now that even with software adjustments they will not make it above 10k in 3d… That said, i’ll probably buy something like pipo p4 for my tablet collection, and then wait for a80, mt6595, mt8135(if it ever comes), and general mipad availability to see what else to buy.

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