Update On The Rosa Tablet

Now I understand why the Viet Son Company has been so hard to track down. That’s not its damn name!

This is:


Viet Son Informatic Co., Ltd. or VS Informatic Co., Ltd.

Looking at their Fickr, this is not a large enterprise.

They don’t even have a website!

Viet Son Informatic Co Ltd Distributor
So 2, Lo V, Nguyen Thi Tan Street
Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 8489250406
Fax: 84883245997
Email: kimhoangtdc@yahoo.com

I don’t know that anything could be gained by emailing them, so I’ve published their address (which is public anyway; I copied that from a web directory listing) in case anyone else wants to.

I figure that at some point another company in China will do an iPad Mini clone running Windows 8.1 anyway.

It would have been good if the manufacturer, Wisky, had replied to my email because that would have provided some real answers about possible Chinese companies bringing it out.

Previously here:

Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone With Windows 8.1: Not Teclast
Photos: Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone With Windows 8.1
Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone With Windows 8.1


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2 responses to “Update On The Rosa Tablet

  1. Robert

    My biggest gripe with my 16:9 10′ tablet is that the windows onscreen keyboard is a pain to type with In any form. So I’m trying to decide if at 8 inches 3:2 is better than 16:10.

    At 4-5′ like the Iphone, the tall aspect ratio is there because the smaller the screen becomes in relation to your hand the less space you have for a onscreen keyboard.

    Once you get to 10-12 inch and you start using an external keyboard, it makes more sense to have a 3:2 aspect. Because at this size it is usually too small to have multiple side by side applications opened, so 3:2 for one application seems like the sweet spot.

    When wide screen becomes relevant again for me is either 1 screen from 27′ and up or multiple screens from 17′ and up.

    So back to the original question. At 8 inches, when u have the windows keyboard on screen, would 16:10 or 3:2 have a better experience, first for portrait then for landscape?

    • mikecane

      One size never fits all. People have different sized hands and typing methods. Why not just pop into an Apple Store or Best Buy and try the iPad Air and iPad Mini keyboards to compare? And also the keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 8.4?

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