Chuwi V99i: Brief User Report

Surprisingly, someone at the IMP3Net forum has gotten the new Chuwi V99i [Google Translate].


Recap: The Chuwi V99i is their iPad Air clone. It has a Retina-class 9.7-inch screen, a 64-bit Intel Atom Bay Trail-T Z3735D CPU with a peak frequency of 1.83GHz, 2GBs of DDR3L-RS RAM, 16GBs of eMMC internal storage, microSD card slot, microUSB (OTG) port, ACC-enhanced sound, 2MP front and 5MP (OVA) back cameras, Huawei UltraStick for 3G capability, and a 8,400 mAh battery. It’s missing HDMI-out but will do Intel’s WiDi (Wireless Display).

According to the user:

    • • Small bit of light leakage on his unit
      • WiFi strength is poor
      • UC Browser HD would not run
      • First impression is that battery life is shorter than expected
  • I think he might have gotten a bad unit. The plastic panel on the back should assist in WiFi signal strength.

    He also ran AnTuTu 4.x (click to enlarge):



    A 26,000-range score is very different than the 32,000-range Chuwi has touted.

    No unboxing or other photos at the forum yet. Lets hope for additional reports!

    A word of caution: Don’t buy this tablet thinking it can do Windows. As we’ve learned from the Onda debacle, tablets must be designed specifically for future Windows upgrading. Also, Chuwi has not evinced any interest in doing a Windows tablet.

    Previously here:

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    3 responses to “Chuwi V99i: Brief User Report

    1. Jsa

      Quite in line with Onda v975i with v1.06 rom. v1.05 gives slightly better results.

      • Marcus

        False and unsubstantiated.

        Many people report better results with 1.06

        • mikecane

          Hang on. Onda wouldn’t be the first company where users reports they get better performance with one firmware update over another. Users of the iFive Mini 3GS are all over the place in China when it comes to which firmware works best for them.

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