Gray-Market Xiaomi MiPad Sales Soon In Europe

Xiaomi Mi Pad available in the EU soon through resellers

Although stock in China has temporarily dried up for the Mi Pad, European resellers have confirmed they will be getting stock this coming week. Once in stock the MiPad will be available with shipping from EU to anywhere in Europe for 14 Euros (so no possibility of added tax), with 2 year warranty, and you can even get a %4 discount with the following code: GIZXIAOMI.

Likely to be just the 16GB model in white.

Hell of a premium. 1499 yuan converts to about 177 Euros. They’re asking 299 Euros! That’s about US$406!


XiaomiShop Italy listing


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2 responses to “Gray-Market Xiaomi MiPad Sales Soon In Europe

  1. Marcus

    Yeap. Scalpers.

  2. Charcoal

    Well, right now you can get it for $300 with Singapore post shipping. However in Italy there is a 32% customs fee for packages priced above 150 EUR. So $390 locally may not seem like a bad price for Italy, with warranty & all.

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