Pipo P1: Brief Report From ePrice


They’ve done an unboxing and a few tests [horrible Google Translate].

AnTuTu 4.3:


AnTuTu X:


Those aren’t surprising.

They report a problem running Vellamo. They think this is due to the CPU running at 1.6GHz — but that makes no sense unless they didn’t update the firmware. Pipo sent out an update a few weeks ago that pushed the CPU to its 1.8GHz max.

They don’t like its weight. They don’t like having to use a charger to a dedicated port instead of USB. And although the 3D benchmark scores are mediocre, they didn’t find it hampered playing games such as Asphalt 8.

Unfortunately, nothing about battery life is mentioned nor were the cameras tested.

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2 responses to “Pipo P1: Brief Report From ePrice

  1. Miguel G.

    I think this is a Fake, see the second image, I think that the numer of the 38867, was cuted and pasted, because the margins and the desing of the screenshot are diferent

    • mikecane

      ePrice doesn’t have any reason to lie. And it’s two different AnTuTus, so perhaps X has a different display in that area. I’ve been reading forums and others have reported the X score drops — as it’s expected to.

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