Video: Onda V975i Running Windows 8.1

Whoa. Seriously whoa. Thanks to Edisson in Comments who pointed it out to me. It popped up on YouTube after I did my first sweep of the day.

At post time, the video was so new that I couldn’t rip any of it to local disk. No version was available. And even the streaming 720p wasn’t working. So, two blurry screensnaps.


Click to enlarge and look verrry carefully. The device ID is Onda. 2GBs of RAM, 32GBs of internal storage. Although the model number is too blurry to confirm, it has to be the V975i.

And the lower right corner says this is Windows with Bing:


There are some hiccups here — he has to plug in a USB keyboard at one point to type into a field — but the overall speed impresses the hell out of me.

It’s basically an iPad Air clone with Windows!

This just excites me and I want to see much more. This has to be a good indication of what the Onda V975w will offer too.

I really hate the hell out of Windows 8.1. My encounters with it have been very frustrating.

However, BAM! Who needs Multiwindow Android when Windows is designed from the get-go to do multiwindows? It’s what Windows does.

And although 8.1 has frustrated me more than once, I think that if I were to get the programs I use on a notebook onto it, I’d be able to work just fine. For the most part, I wouldn’t have to dick around looking for touchy equivalents of the software I’m already using. I could have instant productivity and investigate the touchy stuff at my leisure.

Now the video:

Next-day update: See also Second Video: Onda V975i Running Windows 8.1

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8 responses to “Video: Onda V975i Running Windows 8.1

  1. Dima

    the rom taken from v819i so on the system tab it shows v819i not v975i.
    i had to swap the keyboard due to world of warcraft being full screen direct x aplication simple not build for touch and wont show touch keyboard.

    il try to get better camera and make better video in 1-2 days.
    this video is one of the first things i did after setting everything up.

    • mikecane

      Ah! I wondered if it said “V819” but couldn’t understand why. Thanks for the additional info. What happens if you do Shutdown? Does it take forever? How long does a cold start take?

  2. Jsa

    Works quite well. Adding those resistors should not be a problem anyway :)

  3. vbnm

    new video 1080p

  4. Znawca

    Camera works well on Windows?

    • Dima

      it does, tho not so fast as on android.
      my guess the speed is related to Microsoft having lame software for camera.
      again everything works, v819i have all the drivers except touch screen that should be installed after windows installation.

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