Xiaomi: 2nd 50K MiPad Sale, Silicone Case, App Poll

I guess I should have mentioned earlier that the second batch of Xiaomi MiPad goes on sale this Tuesday (July 8th in China), according to a Weibo communique:



【5万台#小米平板# 第二轮倾情开售】7月8日中午12点,1499元16G白色版#小米平板#,再度来袭:全球首发Tegra K1处理器,7.9 吋全贴合视网膜屏,6700mAh锂离子聚合物大电池,前置500万/后置800万像素相机,为大屏幕量身定制的MIUI……亲,你还在等什么?速速转发预约:http://t.cn/8sTfIBm

Google Translate:

[50000 units # # second round portrait of millet flat sale] at 12:00 on July 8, 1499 yuan 16G flat white version # # millet, struck again: the world’s first Tegra K1 processor, 7.9-inch full-fitting retina screen, 6700mAh lithium-ion polymer battery large, front 5000000 / rear 8MP camera, tailor-made for the big screen MIUI …… pro, what are you waiting for? Haste forwarding appointment: http://t.cn/8sTfIBm

Another 50,000. Are they going to do them just 50,000 at a time forever? Let’s see how fast this batch sells out.

It takes twenty batches of fifty thousand to hit one million sales. How soon will they reach that milestone? And can they go beyond it?

As much as people have grumbled about the price, even the skeptical China tech press have admitted it’s worth the money (at 1499, it’s higher than the 999-1299 other tablets of its size go for).

One person at the 5Fans forum stopped waiting for the Rockchip 3288-based iFive Mini 4 and snagged a Xiaomi MiPad instead [Google Translate].

I have a suspicion that the China tech press has underestimated the extent to which “cottage” tablet makers have alienated their past customers and that people are willing to pay more than usual for the Xiaomi MiPad. I think everyone is more interested in a well-built product with support than trying to get a “steal” that’s nothing but a headache.

The silicone case for the MiPad is now on sale.


It’s just 59 yuan — or about US$9.50.

And Xiaomi is taking a poll to see which app users want adapted for the MiPad [Google Translate]:


I’m not surprised that QQ is leading. That app has been giving every tablet user trouble in China.

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