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VAO, ICs, And Our Global Frequency Future

People don’t want to read.

They just want information when they want it.

I see it at this blog too. People ask questions that have answers in past posts. But they don’t want to read or search. They just want to know.

All of the stuff I write that surrounds the information they want? It’s noise.

There’s really no amount of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that can connect people with what they really want.

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Lei Jun: Integrity

Lei Jun sent out this Weibo communique today:


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More About Onda’s V975i Windows Upgrade

Onda sent out three Weibo communiques today regarding the Windows upgrade for their tablets.


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The BBC Lays An Egg


Please don’t share secrets of Doctor Who series 8 – BBC Worldwide “sorry” for five leaked scripts

They’re still Out There if you use the correct search terms and dig a bit. Took me about thirty minutes — which is longer than usual because the Beeb has been getting search engines to nuke the links.

I will not be spoiling.

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User Review Of The Chuwi V99i


Having dealt with two [first, second] non-reviews today, my skepticism is high.

This is published at the IMP3Net forum [Google Translate].

The title photo, above, makes me think it might be promoted to the site itself as a review. More laundering?

Next-day update: I have my doubts this is an actual review. Chuwi sent out press material that shows they authored it [Google Translate]. And it’s popped up in ZOL’s forum too with videos Chuwi pimped on their Weibo earlier [Google Translate].

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Sketchy “Review” Of The Ramos i8Pro

I call bullshit here. I think this is a review done by Ramos itself and not by the credited reviewer.

1) He cites the “unboxing” — which was done by Ramos but was published under his byline.

2) This “review” has the same byline as the “unboxing” — which also raises my suspicions


I’m not running anything other than the PadHz link [Google Translate].

This practice of taking manufacturer-supplied content and laundering what’s basically marketing material into “reviews” is disgusting, fraudulent, has to stop.

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Onda Reviews Its Own Damn Tablet, The V819w

See the Source:


Yep. To IMP3Net’s credit, they didn’t mask this or even put it in the category where proper reviews are [Google Translate].

I’m not running anything other than the link. Anyone who wants to see some V819w pr0n can go to the post.


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Refurbed Dell Venue 8 Pro At Chinese Pricing


The Dell Venue 8 Pro is a “2/32” tablet. Even though refurbed, it carries a warranty through May 2015 from Dell itself. Just US$169.90.

The only thing this tablet lacks is HDMI-out. On the plus side, it can use a stylus (although users have reported not the best experience…).

ebay listing

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There Should Be A Special Internet Award For infanr’s Photo Editor


Whoever chooses the photos over there does awesome work.

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WTF Microsoft

What? What? What?

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