Second Video: Onda V975i Running Windows 8.1

Dima, who did the first video and this one, explains in Comments:

the rom taken from v819i so on the system tab it shows v819i not v975i.


This is so great. The video shows how long a cold start takes as well as how quickly Shutdown works.

First a bunch of screensnaps; taken from the 720p video, click to enlarge:



























And now the video:

I’m still impressed by that performance. This excites the hell out of me.

Really, if Microsoft wants to see Windows tablets establish a real foothold, this is the kind of tablet they should be promoting, not just the very expensive Surface line (which rumors say will be renamed the Lumia line…).

Of course that would upset the hell out of their partners like Dell and Lenovo with similarly priced eight-inch tablets, but still. People who want eight-inch would still buy those — while those who need a bigger screen that doesn’t cost a small fortune could buy this.

It’d be all, um, Win.

Thanks to Dima for the two videos!

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24 responses to “Second Video: Onda V975i Running Windows 8.1

  1. Cody

    battery backup remains a crucial question..

  2. That “inception” move was really classy. Watching a video of the tablet watching a video of the tablet.

  3. Dima

    my battery was fine on android , was having about 6-7h of HW video playback so i guess something close will be seen on windows.
    anyway i am trying to test battery now with pcmark 8 will post results if will get any.

    • torsten

      hello dima,
      congrats to your new win 8.1 tablet!
      how did you do the os switch? did you do this “i draw a graphite line”-move?

  4. Znawca

    Only w8ting for V975w oraz Teclast X98 3G (Windows edition) on Aliexpress :D

  5. yeahman45

    battery on other similar tabs (dell venue pro, acer w4, toshiba encore) is around 10hrs which is very good and this a full blown desktop windows 8.1! not RT.

  6. yeahman45

    is there any news about easy dual boot win8.1/android on onda v819i?

    • mikecane

      No. Onda just sent out a Weibo today about Win 8.1 but I’ve yet to do a post because it’s tough to crack.

      • Dima

        there probably wont be official dual boot, but with the windows bios what you getting is almost normal pc.
        what that means that project like android x86 that aim for porting android to home pc should work normally on this , then just editing boot file should be enoth to install both windows and android x86.
        more interesting aspect that i am sure will be possible in near future is dual booting Ubuntu with windows.

  7. Znawca

    Ubuntu was good if Windows was inpossible. If have Windows 8.1 and 4 cores it’s speed like MacBook Air 2009 – core2duo 1,8ghz

  8. Cody

    hey mike there seems to be a decently priced alternative to this for residents of the US.. the Asus Transformer book t100. True its more expensive at around 350 dollars, but the price includes keyboard dock, 64gb internal and one full usb 3.0 port instead of microusb ports!

  9. Dima

    check t100 screen resolution :)

  10. cheester

    Hi Dima

    I’ve done the win8.1 installation on my x98 too…but I can’t get my camera to work properly (focussing and exposure settings aren’t working) ..but on your video it looks like its working well! also if I use the 2MP front facing camera…the image is upside down.

    Do you get the same issue here?


  11. MHA

    “Onda V975w Tablet do not support exe files.”!! , Onda-tablet’s support said.
    How can this run windows 8.1 and doesn’t support exe!!!
    Is their support made a mistake or is it true?

    • mikecane

      Something is wrong there. I’m not sure that seller understands WTF he’s saying. It’s basically somewhat like the Dell and Lenovo tablet, just a different size. ANY Windows program should install fine. I don’t see how it could be prevented.

      EDIT TO ADD: I’ve looked around. If they actually have a V975w and have been having problems with downloaded programs installing, this could account for it:
      — an Internet Explorer problem. There should be absolutely no problem installing any Windows software.

      EDIT TO ADD: They clearly do NOT know WTF they’re talking about at all. They claim it’s 64-bit Windows. It’s not. It’s 32-bit. Just like the Rosa tablet:

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