WTF Microsoft

What? What? What?

What kind of Android phone will this be? Has Microsoft has decided that since they’re collecting patent royalties from Android devices, why not do one? Or is this a strategic move based on the rumor that their upcoming “smartband” will be a connectivity whore and work with Android and iOS as well as WinPhone? Or is this a move against Xiaomi? This is going to be interesting — unless they screw it up like their current crap Android phones that are skinned to death and have boring screens.

As for the Surface Mini … I just don’t understand that one at all. Did they listen to the people who said they wanted a Mini because of the stylus and fast note-taking? What would make the Mini special compared to eight-inchers from Dell and Lenovo — and even the flood of Chinese tablets? How do they compete when China is pushing out sub-US$200 eight-inchers? There’s already a growing perception that eight-inchers are “throwaways.” How could a Mini change that? Plus, what about that terrifying rumor that Microsoft intends to get rid of the Desktop on small tablets in Windows 9? Where does the Mini fit in there?

Finally, if they’re going to push out a “real” Android phone, why not go whole hog and also do an Android Lumia tablet?

Same-day update: Don’t expect Microsoft’s Surface Mini to debut this summer

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