Teclast Announces X89HD Intel-Based iPad Mini Clone

Well, we can officially stop wondering about the Rosa tablet now. Teclast has us covered.

Their Weibo communique:



台电即将推出首款7.9英寸采用英特尔Bay Trail-T处理器64位X超级板#台电X89HD#,并采用7.9英寸mini2视网膜屏,不管是在Android或Win8.1系统下,运行都极为流畅。台电X89HD超级板即将上市,敬请期待!

Google Translate:

Taipower is about to launch the first 7.9 inches Intel Bay Trail-T processor 64 X super board # Taipower X89HD #, and using 7.9 inches mini2 retina screen, whether it is in the Android or Win8.1 system, running extremely smoothly. Taipower X89HD super board coming soon, stay tuned!

Preliminary specs: Retina-class 7.9-inch screen, unknown 64-bit Intel Bay Trail-T CPU, 2GBs of RAM, 32GBs internal storage, and microSD card slot.



Um yeah. Here is where we all get in trouble.

The Chinese characters:


Translate — in both Bing and Google — to:

System Support

In addition to the Weibo announcement, IMP3Net has more information and renders [Google Translate].

And this sentence causes much trouble:

Thanks to Intel’s X86 architecture using Taipower X89HD Bay Trail-T processor, support for the Android system, while also supporting Microsoft Win8.1 system, which is the first 7.9-inch retina screen Taipower Win8 tablet, Easy Fun Android Win8 .1 dual system.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I would be very, very, very, very tempted to think that means dual-boot Android and Windows.

But I’m not believing it until I see a video.

In the meantime:


And here is why this is just like the Rosa tablet (except for more internal storage):


The buttons and microSD card slot are on the left just like the Rosa, below:


It’s too bad Wisky never replied to my email. I’d like to know what the connection is between them and Viet Son Informatics and Teclast. Do they do all the designs that others just slap their names on or what?

Anyway, all of us who got excited over the Rosa will soon be able to get one with more internal storage.

And now this leaked tablet from March


… is finally real.

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12 responses to “Teclast Announces X89HD Intel-Based iPad Mini Clone

  1. nubkandoo

    it’s gonna be around 1700 yuan which is pretty cool if it’s really a dual os tab

    • mikecane

      1700?! That’s more than the MiPad. Where’d you get that price from?

      As for the dual-boot, I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m just glad there’s an iPad Mini clone with Win 8.1 finally coming.

  2. Nullspaceoddity

    Thank goodness its not Tyrant Gold :)

  3. yeahman45

    does it have hdmi?

  4. E.T.

    Just in case you missed this, according to “Intel Gains Tablet Share at a Huge Cost” on Re/code (http://recode.net/2014/07/16/intel-gains-tablet-share-at-a-huge-cost) “… Intel is paying the manufacturers who use its chips to offset the higher costs that an Intel design entails. It is also paying some of the device maker’s costs for designing the Intel-based tablets.”

    • mikecane

      Yes, I’ve known about that for months. Intel also helps tablet makers to improve their build quality. They’re spending a ton of money in China.

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