Teclast X89HD: More Information

Thanks to nubkandoo in Comments. He pointed out a price of 1,700 yuan and I asked for the source. This set me off on an unexpected second round of research and I have some new info.

It’s already listed for pre-sale at Tmall [Google Translate]:


And the price is indeed 1,699 yuan. To put that in perspective, the Xiaomi MiPad is considered by the domestic Chinese to be expensive at 1,499 yuan.

1,699 yuan is about US$274!

That’s for a 7.9-inch tablet! From China!

But that price is most likely wrong.

Here’s the price further down that Tmall listing:


1,099 yuan is more like it. And that’s about US$177.

Second, Tech-Neet — which was the first with complete specs — has done an important revision of its original post [Google Translate]:

I’ve been using the expression “dual OS” in the title of the original of this article. However, we have revised the article title to become the sense that can be installed at the same time the OS of the two and it is this representation. It is unclear whether you can install and use both at the same time the Windows OS and Android at the moment.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

OK, if they’re confused in China, then everybody can be confused too.

Here’s a crappy table I tried to do in HTML, failed, and used a screensnap:


This should have the same performance we’ve seen with Windows 8.1 on the Onda V975i, which has the same guts. As a reminder, here’s that video again:

And here’s a maddening graphic that touts both OSes and those of us who can’t read Chinese are left in the dark:


I really would not hold out hope for dual-boot. At very least what I’m hoping for is that we can choose which version of the tablet we want: Android or Windows 8.1. I really don’t want to buy an Android tablet and have to flash Windows to it!

We await more details from Teclast.

Previously here:

Teclast Announces X89HD Intel-Based iPad Mini Clone


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11 responses to “Teclast X89HD: More Information

  1. Znawca

    Ye, Need info from Teclast about official wersion with Windows 8.1 :D

  2. Marcus

    It means dual os. Not dual boot.

  3. Does it include a 3G module like its big brother?

  4. Znawca

    Sellers offering on Aliexepress Onda V975W with Windows 8.1
    It’s possible? Onda dont announced it. Also this tablet doesnt have GPS :/ Onda V975i had it..

    • mikecane

      I doubt it: “Estimated Delivery Time: 15-39 days” 39 days?!

      • yeahman45

        Yup it is common, sometimes shipping from China can take 1 month or more

      • mikecane

        Yeah, but this time I think they’re using that as an excuse because nothing is yet in stock. Onda hasn’t announced availability, just pre-sale. And pre-sale doesn’t mean immediate stocks. Seen many people buy pre-sale and then whine for weeks that they haven’t gotten a thing.

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