Xiaomi MiPad Second 50K Batch Again Sells Out In Less Than Four Minutes

At first I couldn’t find their sold-out Weibo because it wasn’t done as prominently as the first and I issued a sort of panic post about it. (In my weak defense, I did a Twitter Search and checked other sites to see if they saw such an announcement too. There was nothing! So again I’m first — and Techmeme can ignore me yet again.)

Now here’s the official Weibo announcement that the second batch has indeed sold out:




Google Translate:

50,000 units have been sold # # millet flat in 3 minutes and 12 seconds! Successful friends can now purchase payment, please order within two hours, payment orders within two hours after. Tuesday, July 15 under an open purchase! Welcome forwarded known: http://t.cn/zRJ5Spw

Just three minutes and twelve seconds to sell out!


Previously here:

50,000 Xiaomi MiPad Sold In Less Than Four Minutes


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5 responses to “Xiaomi MiPad Second 50K Batch Again Sells Out In Less Than Four Minutes

  1. highwind

    That is -again- totally interesting!

  2. Tom Smith

    Yes, this is interesting..

  3. Giacomo

    Hey Mike! i’ve got a question for you!
    I’ve just ordered a white 16gb mipad and i’m wondering would you suggest for a protector case? I’ve seen many on aliexpress but i don’t know which to choose. I’m from Italy so i don’t know which model is well manufactured.
    Do you have any advice? Something like ipad case, with angles, smart screen and back protector!

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