Onda Adds V989 To Their Site


See the page here. [Next-day update: Onda changed the link. Now here. I must have had a temporary page.]

Spec splash:


For those who care about such things, notice GPS is not listed.

All that yet it’s still not listed with their other tablets.

And still nothing about the V975w.

Previously here:

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6 responses to “Onda Adds V989 To Their Site

  1. Andy

    I’ve found your blog a few days ago and following via RSS now, so just wanted to say a big Thank You for your research and translation effort. Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  2. Cody

    it looks to me as thought its going to be a clone of the v975i, except having the allwinner processor instead of intel. v975i didnt have GPS either.

  3. Cody

    oh and btw mike, i ended up buying Cube Talk 9X.. It had a sudden drop in price, got it at 999 yuan for the 16GB white version.. will be using it mostly for reading PDFs.
    but ahhhhhhh if only Onda would release the v975w earlier :'(

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