Pipo P1: Third Review


It’s over at ZOL [Google Translate].

I am very skeptical of this one. It starts out using a hell of a lot of Rockchip graphics that were used to pimp the 3288. I’m not even going to quote parts of it.

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6 responses to “Pipo P1: Third Review

  1. Marco

    I just keep asking myself how is it possible that the teclast x98 (that i personally own), that has better results in every single benchmark (3d mark, geekbench), still has 10k points less than this one in Antutu…quite funny to be honest.

    • mikecane

      I am coming to the awful conclusion that the RK3288 is a turkey. My interest in the P1 has plummeted to zero. And as for the iPad Mini clone P8, that smaller battery will mean atrocious battery life. Intel is looking like the winner. But we’ve yet to see what the A80 is like. And MediaTek has a new octa-core CPU coming that might be what the RK3288 was supposed to be.

      • Marco

        Yes, to be honest i really liked rk3188 (in my chuwi v88, now dead) and i had great expectations about the rk3288…but after some research i have to say Intel is the way to go.
        I mean, i clocked my x98 to just 1.32 GHz and still runs everything perfectly and even asphalt 8 at maximum res.

      • I don’t think you have analyzed the details very carefully — I will be receiving the Pipo P1 this week and will thoroughly test this new model but I do agree so far with the article’s summary that overall the Pipo P1 with RK3288 offers excellent performance, the advantage of 4K decoding, a quality Retina display, and a price nearly half of what other top-of-the-line tablets are going for with comparable performance.

      • The Pipo P8 will have a 6300 mAh battery – that’s solid for a 7.9″ device.

        The Pipo P4 with an 8.9″ display offers a 7300 mAh battery with 7 hours of active use, so it’s comparable.

  2. Marcus


    No. Just no. The Intel Z3735 outperforms the RK3288 i.e. P1

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