Onda Adds V975w To Their Site


See the page.

There’s a surprising difference between the Onda V975i and the Onda V975w.


I don’t know if that’s a typo or not. Is there any mechanical difference between a microSD card slot that can handle a 32GB card max and one that can handle 128GBs max? If so, then Onda did one of their production changes.

At post time, the Buy button at the site was active. The popup dialog says “已放入购物车,” which means “Added to Cart.”

The Onda Shop page Shopping Cart display is this menu bar item:


I wound up adding four to a Cart before understanding what was happening!

To empty a cart that’s been filled accidentally, click on the green highlighted item:


I have no idea if the tablet is actually available or how to order through Onda itself. You’re on your own.


Given how it’s now listed at Onda’s own Shop, I’d expect them to announce its general availability for sale on Monday or sometime next week.

Previously here:

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18 responses to “Onda Adds V975w To Their Site

  1. Marcus

    Nope. Expansion memory specs is all utter bull crap.

    32gb max for V975i? Please. I’m using 64gb with it. I could get a 128gb to work too if I could afford one.

  2. Miguel

    Excellent!! Thanks for the post Mike!!!!

  3. Znawca

    Does it have GPS?

  4. MocciJ

    I guess that the majority of the reviews about this and the Teclast X98 are scattered between chinese forums, and that’s sad. The only comparison I saw was from a spanish website, and wasn’t that detailed. For that price it’s 1vs1. But the question is: will those tabs physically last in time?

  5. Znawca

    If doesn’t have GPS it not worth it. Many pple wait for Teclast X98 3G Windows 8.1 option. It’s DEAM TABLET for everyone :D

  6. marcello

    GPS under Win8.1 it’s a little tricky; I have a toshiba encore with GPS/GNSS sensor and needs a third party app called Centrafuse Localizer to be able to see the sensor under win8.1; this app makes a virtual COM port for the GPS applications like IGO8 to see the sensor instead the windows location API; but in the end, this combination it’s working very well and these sensors have a fantastic sensibility compared to the classical ones found in the android devices so that I have accurate signal from 2-3 satellites even inside the house

  7. Znawca

    For me GPS is most important item in tablet cuz will be used often for Navigation.

  8. Gienek

    Where I can buy the cheapest Onda V975w or V975i V2 (with shipping to Europe)? On this chinese page? How to do it? Because I don’t know chinesee alphabet

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