Xiaomi MiPad: More Evaluations (Some In English!)

I wasn’t going to write more about it, but …


Tablet wonk iambillbil has his hands on one. Initially his two threads were locked. But now they’re open. Appearance [Google Translate], Performance [Google Translate].

In terms of performance, the MiPad is staggeringly powerful, generally besting every other tablet in almost all benchmarks. Frame rates are generally near or hitting 60fps:


In other words, it is smoooooth.

(By the way, study that chart at upper left. iambillbil just told the world he’s the first to have a Teclast X89HD and an iFive Mini 4! WTF! Also, all of the charts show that the Intel 3735 is a hell of a competitor, even beating the Rockchip 3288 at times!)

He even tested a large PDF:

300m of a pdf file pulling, basic maintenance of 25-35fps


His list of detriments:

07, the main problem lies flat millet

1 on millet plate, in the operation of large programs Hereinafter, there will be heat, which is the camera position, at room temperature provided 35 degrees machine camera in this corner of the temperature exceeds 45 degrees, while the other three corners, a temperature substantially at room temperature in parallel.

2 The 0620 machine firmware can easily root, which is the machine I tested firmware case, the firmware will crash situation exists in the case of me so frustrating, basically crash 1-2 times a day. Crash symptoms Is the screen completely horde, long press the power forced shutdown to normal

3. Latest firmware 0706, reducing fever, crashes, and some other bug, but so far I can not easily root, root function suspected millet locked.

4 millet flat on the chip using nvidia K1, strictly speaking, does not belong to the mainstream chip, then there is an incompatibility of many programs, this is not compatible with the proportion of the more prominent in a variety of games on it. Mainly when you worked so hard After the download is complete size 1g-2g of those games, it was found not to run, there will be a sense tucao Inside 100 program I personally encountered several tests. casually show off

Let me clean that up:

1) When playing intense games, it will become hot. One corner exceeded 45 degrees — that’s a jaw-dropping 113 degrees Fahrenheit! [I wondered about a fire hazard with the Rockchip 3288-based Pipo P1. I have to wonder about that here too — although having seen the insides of the MiPad, I’d be less concerned due to its world-class design and manufacturing. Plus, this is only a concern for people who play those games. In everyday use, such heat wouldn’t be generated.]

2) He was able to easily root it out of the box, but it would crash once or twice a day, inexplicably.

3) A firmware update prevented rooting it again. It also got rid of several bugs the prior firmware had.

4) The K1 is a CPU developers have not had experience with yet and so their code has not been written for it. Some games are incompatible and there’s no way to know which. After downloading a massive game that’s 1-2GBs, it’s frustrating to see it won’t install or will install and then not run. (He has photos illustrating this at the post.)

He also has a fifth point, and the translation is so bad I won’t paste it here. But his point is that some games don’t run optimally. He has a bunch of photos showing lower frame rates than inferior hardware have obtained (one of which is a version of Need for Speed). I guess that’s due to the code not being entirely compatible with the K1 or its GPU.

Oddly, he didn’t run AnTuTu X or do a battery rundown test. Plus, he usually uses a device to measure the brightness of the screen. He didn’t this time.

Another user, 2222, has three threads about the MiPad: Unboxing [Google Translate], Camera [Google Translate], Other Tests [Google Translate].

Surprisingly, in the Camera test, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has a camera that sometimes offers comparable results.

HDX 8.9 at left, MiPad at right (click to enlarge):


The main problem with the MiPad camera is that the software is basic and lacks the type of settings other tablets offer.

In the third thread, there are screen tests such as this …


… and these days, most screens are so good that there’s very little difference when comparing them.

As for that heat issue …


… what can happen when playing intense games (play time of twenty-five minutes). (The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 also gets hot, hitting 39 degrees Celsius on a different test.)

There are other tests at the thread. I don’t see anything that’s a dealbreaker in it. The forum member also a has a blog [Google Translate] where other tests are sometimes posted.

And, finally, we get an evaluation from someone in plain English, over at XDA Developers from member Kantana:

Just a quick update on the Xiaomi Mipad. It has more bugs than I’ve encountered in any other android device! Some quick observations:

No EXFAT support for microsd cards, it can use NTFS though.

When connecting on the USB2 cable it cannot write or make changes to the external SD card.

Google services and play store can be installed without root access, just use the Xiaomi marketplace, search for google and you will find a google installer that gets the main play store up and running.

Battery life seems hit n miss with wildly inaccurate readings so the device will turn off when there is still plenty power in the battery. Turning it right back on again shows more than 30% power left.

It has some kind of draconic security from Xiaomi that monitors what apks you install even if you sideload apps and will block installations. I tried to install the flash player from UC Browser and it refused and pointed me to the official version from Adobe which is not supported by UC browser.

The physical shape is almost the same as the iPad mini so you can use screen protectors or cases which fit the iPad mini.

No MHL it supports WIDI similar to Intel products for TV out.

The music app is a fail, it only shows All songs/Artists, no other sorting eg albums.

It seems to be quite speedy and I didn’t see any stutters in the GUI.

802.11ac 2×2 is supported so upto 866Mbps speeds.

USB OTG is supported out of the box.

Can’t find any way to root it right now.

And his About and AnTuTu screens (finally, plain English!):










As for video playback, he reports:

Some good news on the video player front. With VLC beta for Android, the Mipad can smoothly playback Hi10p as well as h265. It doesn’t crash like MXplayer does and is proving reliable.

vlc to the rescue yet again! (It’s been my video player of choice for ages under Windows.)

Member anivartin says:

i just bought this tablet a few days ago it is really awesome it is smooth and fast and the screen is just sublime i would like to add that it does come 4.4.2 android but to activate all or at least some of the google services is a pain in the wrong places

Member sev7en says:

Yes, it has GPS and A-GPS.

Member Kantana’s further tests reveal:

Getting really funky bugs on this thing. Rebooting or shutting down and powering up fails on 1st try and I have to shutdown and retry. It goes through the boot up sequence, white Mi logo turns to red Mi logo then stops there. I really hope they squash some of these bugs asap.

As for video apps, MXPlayer and Diceplayer both have the same issues regular crash and closing about 50% of the time if hardware acceleration is used. On MXplayer if I enable HW+ but not tick it for local or network then it starts in HW mode but no audio. I then manually invoke HW+ and if it doesn’t close out then it enables audio.

For VLC beta it’s all smooth sailing I haven’t found any regular bugs there yet. However on playing back Hi10p or h265 it must only be partially hardware accelerated as it consumes battery life really fast and the back of the Mipad near the top gets hot. Regular h264 playback is smooth. Battery consumption playing back h264 is about 1% every 5 minutes so expect to get about 8 hours of battery life. With Hi10p or h265 expect that to halve.

Compared the screen against a iPad mini retina and it’s a close match as far as I can see, color accuracy is not perfect and the most obvious is reds which appear to be muddy brown. You can use a screen protector designed for iPad mini but for cases the Mipad is bigger by a few mm on all sides.

Member u669983 throws everybody a seeming lifeline:

For those of you using the Mipad, I would suggest you read the forum for Miui . Plenty of them around but can suggest the foll: http://xiaomi.eu/community/

Xiaomi issues regular Miui rom update for all its devic es. there are stables roms issued once per month and weekly developer roms. The later is always rooted and the roms from the link above are always without unecessary chinese apps and in european languages.

I use a Mi3 for the last 6 months and I can say that Miui is one of the best developed rom . You wouldnot need custom made ones. they keep improving all the time.

I am very interested in getting a Mipad but still too expensive I believe.

However, it turns out the dev version of the MiPad ROM doesn’t seem to come pre-rooted, as further exchanges on the topic leave it at that at post time here.

So, it seems that Xiaomi pushed out this tablet without the firmware being as complete as it should have been for a tablet that’s on sale to the general public. Buying it means being somewhat on the bleeding edge of things.

But yes, MIUI is updated — at least for devs — every week, so there’s that. This isn’t like, say, buying the HP Slate 8 Pro and then hanging out to dry while waiting for them to update Android to 4.4 (which will probably happen on Neverday).

All the same, I wonder just how frustrating this would be to use on a daily basis as a primary tablet that you depend upon.

The XDA Developers thread to watch for more is here.

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  1. Surprise, surprise, Nvidia has released yet another stove-optimised chipset! Not even the MessiahTab can avoid its destiny as yet another overheating Tegra device. Notice that the only Tegra 4 device which had a modicum of mainstream acceptance, aka the Shield, equips a cooling fan. Toshiba’s fanless high-end tablets were prone to overheating and huge throttling and failed miserably.

    Tegra K1 is DOA, like Tegra 4 was. Unless Nvidia takes the overheating issue seriously one can’t consider their chipsets. They’ve been having those issues from Tegra 3 and they’re still blind to them, piling yet more and more GPU cores to look cool in benchmarks instead of fixing the user-relevant issue of having something uncomfortably warm in their hand. For all the flak MediaTek gets, they’ve so far executed flawlessly in the efficiency department.

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