Onda “Sells Out” Tiny V989 Beta Test Supply

In a Weibo communique today, Onda tried to get people to think they’re just like Xiaomi:



#昂达八核平板电脑##昂达V989八核# 【新品】全球最强游戏平板,首发上市!八核CPU、64核GPU、9.7英寸iPad Air原装屏、三轴陀螺仪等平板顶级配置,昂达微信商城首批500台内测版在7分钟内全面售罄!第二批500台999元限量内测抢购,将于本周三上午10点,继续在昂达微信商城进行,敬请关注!@全志科技

Google Translate:

# Onda eight nuclear Onda V989 Tablet PC # # # [New] eight-core gaming world’s most powerful tablet, IPO! Eight-core CPU, 64-core GPU, 9.7 英寸 iPad Air original screen, three-axis gyroscope and other flat top configuration, the first mall Onda micro-channel 500 beta version fully sold out in seven minutes! The second batch of 500 999 yuan buying a limited beta, will be held Wednesday at 10 am and continue to be at the mall Onda micro-channel, so stay tuned! @ Full-Technology

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Five hundred — in seven minutes?

Xiaomi sold that many MiPad in perhaps a few seconds.

Yes, I know this is a beta test — but seven minutes to sell five hundred.

And now they announce another five hundred, as if this is an event?


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4 responses to “Onda “Sells Out” Tiny V989 Beta Test Supply

  1. highwind

    they are probably just making a joke out of those ridiculous Xiaomi annoucments xD

  2. Cody

    i dont mind if they’re trying to be like xiaomi, as long as they provide quality stuff and doesnt fuck up like they did with the v975i

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