Onda Ships Beta Test V989 Tablets

In a Weibo communique today, the service division of Onda announced:



#昂达平板电脑#[哈哈]X軍团加班加点,终于打包完毕!!今天首批V989八核平板内测抢购大战告捷!有一部分平板已经送上快递哥的货车啦!还没查到物流通知?别急,我们还要把物流号扫进系统~~@昂达微博 [江南style]

Google Translate:

Onda Tablet PC # # [ha ha] X Corps overtime, and finally finished packing! ! Today, the first eight-core tablet V989 war victory snapped closed beta! There have been a part of the plate brother sent courier van it! Not found logistics notice? Do not worry, we have the logistics No. swept into the system ~ ~ @ Onda microblogging [Jiangnan style]


Let’s hope they arrive soon so the forums will begin filling with first impressions — and let’s hope for an AnTuTu X score too.

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