Teclast X89HD On Sale July 18th

Next-day update: The July 18th sales date is confirmed by eReadCN [Google Translate].

Second next-day update: Official: Teclast X89HD On Sale July 18th

That’s what this graphic at the Tmall listing seems to indicate:


Debut discount price, with a regular price of 1,699 yuan?

Here’s a very odd comparison chart at the same listing:


And that seems to say the regular price will be 1,199 yuan.

“Android” is listed as the OS at Tmall. No indication if there’s a separate Windows model or if this will be that awful optional download to upgrade thing.

It’s not yet listed at Taobao or Jingdong.

Perhaps by next week we’ll see some user reports in forums?

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2 responses to “Teclast X89HD On Sale July 18th

  1. yeahman45

    I wonder when we will get affordable dual boot android/win 8.1 tablets .. the ramos i10pro is too expensive.

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