The Hot Book In China Right Now

Xiaomi’s MiPad Weibo published a communique today that contains some staggering information about a book that went viral through social media:


Hang onto your hats, writers …


【#板板晨读#:《从你的全世界路过》】作者@张嘉佳 ,微博上最会写故事的人!其“睡前故事”系列在网上疯狂流传,几天内达到1,500,000次转发,超4亿次阅读,引来电影投资方的巨资抢购。该书注定会成为你今年读过最温暖的书,因为它是关于你的故事。多看电子试读版,抢鲜悦读→

Google Translate:

Morning Reading # [# plate board: “From the world pass you,” the authors @ Zhang Jiajia, microblogging most people will write the story! Its “Bedtime Story” series circulated on the Internet madness, a few days to reach 1,500,000 forwarding, reading over 400 million times, attracted huge amounts of money buying movies investor. The book is destined to become the warmest you read this book, because it is about your story. See more electronic Trial version, prerelease pleasure reading → ​​

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


The book, unsurprisingly, is available through Xiaomi’s bookstore, Duokan [Google Translate] (click to enlarge):


It seems to me the plot is about a “micro-blogger” (Weibo user?) and has struck a chord with such Internet people.

The book sample can be read online — in Chinese, of course — by hitting the blue button in the above listing.

Some of it looks like this (click to enlarge):




And unlike the crazy CopyNazis here in America, text can actually be selected and copied:


That’s the first item, at left, in the popup menu:




Google Translate:

A person’s memory is that cities, time corrupting all construction, all the buildings and roads desertification. If you do not move forward, it will be buried in the sand. So we burst into tears, step back, but can only go forward.

Even through the bad machine translation, I can sense it has Something.

A bit from many pages later:



Google Translate:

I know I love you. But I do not know where the future. Because I know that no matter where, you will not take me. The memory of your smile lit, it becomes hard to be so happy.

I wonder if any Western publishers will be brave enough to pick it up?


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4 responses to “The Hot Book In China Right Now

  1. Pretty amazing. If that many Chinese people have read it, surely you should be able to find someone who can give us a good explanation of what is is about in English.

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