Xiaomi MiPad Third 50K Batch, Then Open Sales

Xiaomi issued two Weibo communiques that seem to indicate supplies of the MiPad will soon be freely available.

The first communique, that slipped past me yesterday, is to announce another fifty thousand will be available on July 15th (tomorrow):



7月15日中午12点,5万台#小米平板#再度开售,想要来一台的请转发示意![笑哈哈] http://t.cn/8sTfIBm

Google Translate:

At 12:00 on July 15, 50,000 units # # millet tablet on sale again, you want to please forward a schematic! [Laughing] http://t.cn/8sTfIBm

And today’s communique — which they’ve pinned to the top of their page — seems to say that after that batch, appointment sales will be discontinued and people can freely order a MiPad for delivery in three to four weeks:



【不用抢快来[来]!小米平板预售中】无需预约!不用排队!提前全款预定,支付后3-4周发货!全球首款Tegra K1处理器,1499元白色16G #小米平板#,等你抱回家!更有红米1S、小米电视、小米盒子同步火热预售中!今明两天关注@小米平板,转发送出10个F码。转发告知小伙伴们来购买→http://t.cn/RvFmfxY

Google Translate:

[Do not rush Come [to]! Pre-sale of the flat millet] without an appointment! Do not line up! The full amount in advance booking, delivery 3-4 weeks after payment! The world’s first Tegra K1 processor 1499 yuan millet flat white 16G # #, so you take home! More red rice 1S, millet TV, millet box in sync fiery pre-sale! Today and tomorrow follow @ millet flat, forward sent 10 F code. Forwarded to inform small partners to buy → http://t.cn/RvFmfxY


If my reading is correct, then at least supplies of the 16GB white model will increase — and perhaps the outrageous prices middlemen are charging will plummet to a reasonable level.

We’re still waiting for Xiaomi to announce availability of colors other than white as well as the 64GB model.

It’s going to be interesting to see, once open sales begin, how soon Xiaomi announces they’ve sold one million.

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One response to “Xiaomi MiPad Third 50K Batch, Then Open Sales

  1. Marcus

    Hopefully once open sales start, scalpers will stop trying to over charge excessively to us overseas buyers.

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