Chuwi VX8 3G: Intel Inside, Samsung Outside

Just an item for a tablet I likely will not cover further (unless a variant runs Windows; then I’ll monitor for reviews).

In a Weibo communique, Chuwi sneak-peeked its seventh tablet of 2014:



[话筒][给力]驰为数码新品不断,最新8寸intel芯VX8 3G通话平板暴光。全新的外观设计艳惊四座。驰为最近出品的平板电脑,在外观设计上下足了功夫,一改公模平板呆板、毫无设计感的陋习,而且诸多新鲜元素的加入,使产品的实用性和观赏性大为提升。

Google Translate:

[Microphone] [to force] Chi for digital new products constantly, with the new 8-inch tablet intel core VX8 3G call exposure. The new design Yan scared four. Chi was recently produced tablet down enough in the design effort, a change in public mode flat dull, there is no sense of design habits, but added many new elements, the product of practical and ornamental greatly improved.



Bizarrely, Chuwi links to their Jingdong page for the prior VX8 model, which contains a MediaTek CPU.

They’re clearly not the same tablet. The VX8 has a curved top while the upcoming VX8 3G is flat and looks somewhat like one of Samsung’s latest tablets.

This is Chuwi’s first second Intel Inside tablet [the 9.7-inch V99i was their first]. Will they be doing a version of it with Windows? I wouldn’t be surprised.


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