Leaked: HP To Release US$99 Seven-Inch Windows Tablet

Doing another post (still in progress), I came across a big leak in passing in a paragraph here: Microsoft COO Kevin Turner: We’re making hard choices.

It’s in the final paragraph and here’s the bit I mean:

… showing off HP’s upcoming Stream laptop, which will only cost $199, part of a family that includes a $99 7” Windows tablet.

How bare-bones — OK, nasty — could a seven-inch US$99 Windows tablet be?

We already know, with Toshiba giving us a peek. No cameras.


And Chippy says that Toshiba has a TN screen.

I can’t even imagine a use for such low-end junk. Can you? Give it to a kid? You’d really hate to hate the hell out of the kid!

I don’t think such a thing should even be released.

Why not just pick up the Emdoor template and sell it for a bit more? At least it’d be useful.

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