Official: Teclast X89HD On Sale July 18th

Teclast has made the July 18th sales date of the new X89HD tablet official via a Weibo communique:



首款7.9寸64位视网膜超级板#台电X89HD#7月18日上午10点聚新品全网首发!这是全球首款最快64位7.9寸mini2视网膜屏平板,同时支持Android和Win8.1双系统;配备2GB DDR3L内存和32GB eMMC超大存储;内置6000mAh电池综合使用时间8小时,整机仅7.4mm,首发价1099元!首发送好礼→_→

Google Translate:

The first 7.9-inch Retina super board # 64 Taipower X89HD # 7 月 18 日 上午 10 scatter the whole network of new starters! This is the world’s first 7.9-inch mini2 fastest 64 retina screen tablet supports both Android and Win8.1 dual system; equipped with 2GB DDR3L memory and 32GB eMMC large storage; built-in 6000mAh battery integrated use of 8 hours, the machine is only 7.4mm , the starting price of 1099 yuan! Send Gifts Home → _ →

The Buy Widget goes to their Taobao page


… where, at post time, “3573 人想买” — 3,573 people want to buy. And Taobao has limited the sales to five per Taobao ID.

It’s listed as shipping with Android 4.2. — with no mention of any model with Windows pre-installed.

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2 responses to “Official: Teclast X89HD On Sale July 18th

  1. Chris

    Quote: “tablet supports both Android and Win8.1 dual system”

    So does that mean I can choose on each startup which OS I want to boot? Or is it either one or the other and switching operating systems would require some complex re-installing procedure?

    • mikecane

      It remains unclear. It’s being sold with Android on-board. The 9.7-inch Teclast X98 3G requires Windows firmware to be downloaded and flashed to ROM. It overwrites and replaces Android. No dual-boot.

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